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Clean Slate Monday

Posted Apr 05 2010 7:01am

A writing website I enjoy calls today "Clean Slate Monday" in terms of work - i.e, it's a clean slate, start to the week, new page in the book, you name your cliche. I am thinking of today as clean slate Monday too. I was doing great on my fitness program until about March 23. Then something upset me and all my emotional eating issues came out in full force. It was like being charged by a rhinoceros. My appetite went out of control, I began eating, and a week later - I woke up.

I'm back on track as of last Thursday, eating clean (50 raw/50 cooked) and doing the No S diet, which I was having very good luck with.

I've also started paying attention to my wardrobe a little more. I went clothes shopping again last week, this time driving the 45 minutes into the larger city nearby for the malls and better selection. But still no luck. I keep reminding myself that Stacey and Clinton on the show "What Not to Wear" say most people try on about 20 pairs of jeans before finding one that fits. When I heard Stacey say that, I almost fell off of my chair. It was a lightbulb-over-the-head moment for sure. I always expect to walk into a store, pull my size off the rack, try it on and walk out with something I like. I find clothes shopping maddening. First, you have to find a style you like. Then you have to hunt through the racks among stuff that doesn't belong there, isn't your size, and doesn't come in a color you want. Then when you finally find a few things to try on, there's always something wrong with the fit.

I need jeans to work in the garden and shorts to walk and bike in, but other than that, I'm wearing a lot more skirts and dresses, even around the house. Although I used to say they were uncomfortable, I'm finding them to be cool - and surprisingly practical. While it's not every woman's cup of tea, wearing skirts to my work-from-home job feels right. Best of all, with skirts it's much easier to take them in when you lose weight, so I can buy some now and continue to wear them through my weight loss journey. (today's picture, by the way, is NOT me trying on's a stock image I grabbed from the royalty-free website

It's a clean slate Monday. We did eat lots of treats on Easter, but went for a 3 mile walk last night. I suddenly realized that it's light outside until 7:30, which means that when we end supper at 6 p.m there is plenty of time to go out and exercise or garden. I had my fruit and greens smoothie for breakfast and I've got a fitness game plan for the day. Here's to a clean slate and being back on track for my weight loss efforts!
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