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Chinese herbal medicine relieves psoriasis

Posted Nov 18 2008 7:59am 3 Comments

herbs-300x198 Chinese herbal medicine relieves psoriasis An ointment made using ‘Indigo naturalis’, a chinese herbal medicine remedy, has shown dramatic effects on people suffering with psoriasis, according to the latest findings.

The five year study into the ointment tested psoriasis patients who failed to respond to conventional drug therapies. By combining the plant extract indigo naturalis with olive oil, wax and petroleum jelly to create an indigo ointment, researchers found patients who applied it to their psoriasis showed dramatic improvement after 12 weeks.

The only negative effects of the dark indigo ointment was that it had an unpleasant odour and also stained clothing however patients’ skin was not stained.

Participants all suffered with chronic bilateral plaque psoriasis which means psoriasis appeared on both sides of the body.

Researchers believe that once developed further the indigo ointment will become a beneficial alternative and complementary treatment for psoriasis

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I have been using Champori herbal cream for my plaque p. with great success for the last 3 months and one of the main ingredients in it is Indigo Naturalis. I think this must be the reason why it works so well!!  Good stuff to check out!

dear sirs,

The findings come from a study by Yin-Ku Lin, MD, of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, and colleagues. For more than five years, the researchers have been using the indigo ointment to treat psoriasis patients who do not respond to standard Western drug therapy.

So Lin's team mixed indigo powder with a base made of petroleum jelly, yellow wax, and olive oil for a topical psoriasis ointment.


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