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Posted Oct 27 2009 5:22pm

There are many causes for diarrhea in which infection and irregularities in eating are main. Prolonged or recurrent diarrhea disturbs the normal development of a child so it should treated as soon as possible.

I am presenting a very useful list of common symptoms/events of diarrhea consisting of A to Z (28) symptoms/events. Please read from above to below carefully and note on paper which symptoms are present in your child for example JNORSXY. Then see at last that if your set of combination exists below or not if it present there then you should know the most probable cause for your child’s diarrhea and its effective homoeopathic treatment.

So start read carefully from here.


A. Morning (Possible cause: Mainly indigestion).

B. Night (Possible cause: Mainly Infection)

C. Child tends to have stool just after eating a meal (Possible cause: Mainly weak control on bowel movement. It is a not a diarrhea and it should be normal soon. Homeopathy is best for this condition if this persists for long time)


D. Child bowel movements are usually disturbed. Sometime it may be constipation and some time diarrhea very frequently. (Possible cause: Mainly IBS)

E. Drank cold drinks. (Possible cause: Mainly control on bowel movements have been disturbed and should be normal soon/if persists for long time then infection/if it occurs very frequently then IBS)

F. Ate fruits ( Possible cause: Mainly disturbed digestion of fructose of fruits and should be normal very soon, but if persists for long time and fruits were unhygienic then infection).

G. Milk indigestion and having diarrheal stool after milk ( Possible cause: Mainly indigestion of lactulose found in milk and it may persist for long and should be treated for this soon. Homoeopathy has good results with this condition)

H. Living surrounding turned unhygienic and there are lots of peoples with diarrhea/dysentery (Possible cause: Mainly infection)


I. Dentition ( Possible cause: Mainly infection as at this time child puts many things in his mouth.

J. Nausea and vomiting (Possible cause: Mainly infection)

K. Excessive gas formation (Possible cause: Mainly infection, food allergy, lactulose indigestion or milk is given in excess, or side effects of any medication).

L. Abdominal pain or tensmus (Possible cause: Mainly infection. If pain persists for a long period with loss of appetite then there may be intestinal obstruction and reach your nearest medical center as soon as possible).

M. Severe weakness (Possible cause: Mainly deficiency of nutritional elements).


N. Stool with mucus and blood (Possible cause: Mainly dysentery. This may be very troublesome seek medical attention as soon as possible. Homeopathy has good result with this condition).

O. Green stool (Possible cause: Mainly it occurs when child is ill for sometime and is not taking any solid food and is only on liquid diet.)

P. Light color ( Possible cause: Mainly occurs when there is problem with bile)

Q. Yellow (Possible cause: Mainly problem with bile and infection)

R. Very offensive (Possible cause: Mainly indigestion)

S. Watery (Possible cause: Mainly parasite infection).

T. Foamy (Possible cause: Mainly indigestion)

U. White (Possible cause: Mainly cholera infection).

V. White like rice water (Possible cause: Mainly cholera infection).

W. Large stool (Possible cause: Mainly it occurs when there is trouble in upper part of intestine and lower part is working okay so large stool, but control is disturbed it should be fine soon).

X. Scanty, frequent stool in less quantity (Possible cause: Mainly it occurs when lower part of intestine is disturbed mainly by infection. It may take time to be normal)

Y. Explosive stool, make to much hurry and stool scattered all around on toilet sheet (Possible cause: Mainly parasitical infection).

Z. Abdominal pain or tensmus absent completely (Possible cause: Mainly infection and IBS)

Some usual set of symptoms, their etiology, and its effective homoeopathic medications.

1. JNORSXY Possible cause mainly Giardiasis possible effective homoeopathic medicines for this condition are Podo. Gamb. Ars. Arg-n. Merc. Sulph. Phos.Puls. Crot-t. Dulc. Colch. Verat. Ip.

2. LNO Possible cause mainly Gastroenteritis and possible effective homoeopathic medicines for this condition are Podo Gamb Ip Sulph Phos Merc Crot Cham Ars Arg N.

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