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chest pain & shortness of breath

Posted by mission

I am a 27 year old male. I am reasonably fit and have experienced for the last 3 years on & off shortness of breath, unable to take this last deep breath, feelings of tightening of your chest  ( closing) resulting in discomfort and pain making it impossible to do any physical exercise or to work. I went and saw my doctor straight away and underwent several tests which all came back clear stating i am well and healthy. there is no particular pattern in which this occurs, i thought of a possible allergic reaction but can not identify what it could possibly be. Furthermore i improved my diet, cut out caffeine & eat more veggies. I dont smoke. I am a tiler and therefore have been exposed to work material / chemicals which could possibly be dangerous and related to this. Are there any alternative therapies or any other options available for me to find out what this is and for me to get better. Please get back to me. thank you very much

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you may want to consider wearing a mask and gloves while working, if in the event you've developed allergies to the dust and chemicals.  stress can also bring on these symptoms. stretching and connected breathing exercises upon rising and before sleep may help relieve stress and anxiety, and also help improve wellness.  improving diet is always a good thing -- kudos to you!  since this is an 'on and off' history, you may consider keeping a daily journal of your activities, what you eat, where you go (environments), weather, work activities (especially dusty, etc.) so that you can track what turns the symptoms on and off.


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