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Cherry Juice Gout Treatment

Posted Jan 15 2011 12:00am
You may not have heard about using cherry juice as a gout relief therapy, yet new research has discovered evidence that compounds in cherries may give pain relief and help the millions of people who suffer from the chronic pain of arthritis or gout in many important ways.

Despite the fact that we all know that adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle can help to combat the symptoms of gout, we are only now starting to understand the many health benefits of adding cherry juice to a change in diet. If you are wondering exactly what makes cherry juice gout's worst enemy
Then for one thing, cherries have been demonstrated that they can lower levels of uric acid in the blood, known to be a cause of gout pain. Research at the University of California Davis found that eating a helping of cherries each day significantly lowered the blood uric acid levels of women by up to 15 percent. Although participants in the study ate fresh cherries, a portion of dried cherries or alternatively cherry juice can have the same effect.

It is a compound called anthocyanins, which are the pigments that give cherries their bright red color that believed to be the key to helping your body relieve inflammation. Additionally, the same anthocyanins can significantly reduce your risk for colon cancer, which is the third leading cancer in America.

Results can be achieved in as little as a few days, but can take several weeks or longers when used as part of a low purine gout diet but there can be no doubt that this is a very delicious cure for gout and arthritis pain.
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