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Chemicals do a body good? Think Again!

Posted Oct 11 2010 9:42am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

When the common person is sick, the knee-jerk reaction is to go get some medicated relief like Tylenol or Nyquil....but is this really doing us good? It may feel good, but it's only masking our feelings and pain. Once the medication wears off you will still feel why ingest or inject your body with these chemicals?

What other things can we do?
There are homeopathic remedies that you can buy at a drug store now. If you are not into homeopathic remedies at this time, you can also consume tea or straight hot water. Believe it or not, the mere drinking of hot water a few times a day actually can benefit the body in many ways.

Go with the flow too....if you are feeling under the weather then embrace it and relax with a DVD of your choosing. Sometimes the comfort of our own couch and a favorite movie while sipping on tea can be therapeutic. How can this actually help? Because you are slowing down your body when it is not feeling well. The moment your body gives you signs of a flu or cold it is time to slow down and take some personal time for yourself.

Experiment for yourself...the typical timetable of a sickness for people who take drugs is usually a week...(or more!) People who have a stronger constitution and eat well daily and who take no drugs, the span of sickness is LESS than a week.

So, chemicals do a body good? Think Again!
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