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Change What You Imagine, Change ...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:22pm

Change What You Imagine, Change Your Destiny... Easily

Two of our core mental patterns have to do with serving up mental pictures, movies, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells.

One pattern is memories of the past.

The other is imaginings of the future. And yes, we literally "see" the future.

Now, you may not remember the past as it REALLY was or the future as it truly will be, but you DO imagine or remember YOUR version of the past and future... and you are doing it constantly.

That means that interspersed with all our daily thoughts, we all imagine what we think may happen in the future.

And we do it through pictures, sounds, physical stirrings, smells and tastes. Remember the smells that filled the house when your grandma was baking pies?

But no matter what your dominant way is to "imagine" the future or remember the past, you are doing it...

Just like everyone else you know or WILL EVER know.

That brings me to getting better results... and a powerful way to get them.

Champions in sport visualize successful outcomes constantly. That is why they are champions. Straight A students imagine it constantly. Overweight people imagine shoveling the wrong foods long before they ever actually eat the stuff. We taste our foods ahead of time in our imaginations.

In fact, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you have ever done or ever WILL do in the future will be imagined by you before you ever do it.

It could be seconds before you do it, a fraction of a second before you do it, or even be months or years before you do it.

But everything, absolutely everything you do is imagined (visualized, heard, felt, smelled or tasted) IN THE SURROUND SOUND MOVIE THEATER OF YOUR MIND before you actually do it in the physical "real" world.

So when you fail to take the actions required to get a job done, it will be not the first time you failed, it might be the 2nd, 10th, 100th or even the 10,000th time... because that is how our minds work... our imaginations transport us to imagined
futures today.

And whenever you succeed at anything in the "real" world, even though it might be the very first time, you may have "succeeded" 10,000th times in your mind... in the thought realm.

So what can you learn from a champion? A straight A student? An overweight person?

Succeed in your thoughts and you have built a "success track."

OR...Fail in your thoughts and you have built a "failure track."

This is true in sports, business, personal relationships.

When you spent the morning surfing the 'Net instead of getting that critical project done... you imagined yourself doing it that way before you actually did it. When you prospected for business all day long without a break, you imagined doing it ahead of time.

That is a fact.

This is one of the core mental patterns that control your future. And much like breathing, this process is never ending for you. For anyone.

It is a condition of being human... this visualizing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting in our imaginations and in our memories.

What does this mean to you?

It means that no matter how poor a result you've been getting in any area of your life, no matter how many times you have failed to get certain results in any area of your life, you can change it.

By imagining successful outcomes instead of mistakes and setbacks.

But not just for a few minutes a day. No. People who are champions, people who are doers, people who win routinely, people who have self-control, people who have no addictions, people who can be counted on time and time again to get results... they do this constantly.

Imagining successful actions and outcomes.

It's not difficult.

It's natural.

It's easy.

It's just the way their brains now "serve" them.

They imagine good things happening instead of bad things...they imagine strength, not weakness.

Because they've been "mentally rehearsing" positive outcomes in advance. And I don't just mean the final results. They've been mentally rehearsing all their waking hours, DOING what they should, ENJOYING the doing (whatever the "doing"
happens to be), GETTING the results, ENJOYING the results.

When you are worried, you are "imagining" bad outcomes. When you are afraid, you are "imagining" bad outcomes. Depressed? Remembering and/or imagining bad outcomes.

Making sense? A little bit?

When you are seeing yourself doing something well, are you worried then? Are you depressed then? No.

Making more sense?

It should. This is how your brain works. See great pictures, feel great... When you imagine success NOW, you feel good NOW, and you can take goal oriented actions with joy in your heart and mind instead of only misery, anxiety and depression.

So remember that whenever you are crying over your problems, you are not seeing successful actions and results. You are imagining failure and looking back at failure, pain and loss.

So... you'll get more of it.

Everyone experiences pain, loss and failure...

But it is only a very small percentage of people ever get over the big ones... truly past them to have wonderful, achievement-filled happy lives.

You can be one of those people.

Create an abundance board with all the positive action statements that you want accomplished in your life. Use colorful markers and images to fire up your imagination. Feel a sense of desire as you give energy to your intentions. Be willing to let go of anything and anybody that hinder your personal development. Meditate on these things daily. Doing so and you will:
  1. Attract like-minded successful people who will support you in creating successful outcomes
  2. Love doing the things that bring you achievement NOW
  3. Feel wonderful and truly alive even as you are doing extremely difficult tasks that others run from.
  4. See that past problems and even horrors will feel like centuries ago, not like they happened yesterday.

Mike Brescia

Founder of Think Right Now Success Conditioning Programs and Instant Inner Power Success Conditioning Programs.

Using Reiki and any healing modalitiy will condition your mind to see, feel, hear, taste and smell success ahead of time.

Use the MENTAL/EMOTIONAL symbols to define what you want to do, enjoy doing it, let go of what's holding you back and enjoy the results you'll get from doing it.

Use the POWER and MASTER symbols to give strength to your imagination, especially when you can't see your success just yet.

Then finally, use the DISTANCE symbol to enact your success into your past and guide you forward into your sucessful future.

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