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Cart Before the Horse

Posted Oct 14 2008 5:00am
The more I delve into what's really going on in Western medicine, the scarier it gets.

Yes, our healthcare system is messed up and Western medicine isn't perfect either. Doctors don't really know or ask enough about their patients to treat them properly. What's up with all the side effects anyway? Anyhow, the drill goes: labs, diagnose and treat, regardless of the total picture or CAUSE of the problem. Symptoms only, per the system.

Getting to the root of issues seems to be one of my special gifts (or curses). Analytical by nature, Virgo by birth ....

WHY are we, the collective 'we', so in need of pills and shots in the first place? All the impartial evidence points to America's skewed ideas about healthy food. Garbage in, garbage out. Simple. Advertising and marketing and lobbyists don't know or seem to care about nutrition. Profit, oh yeah!

I just finished an article about the "Food Pyramid; Facts, Fallacy or Phooey". It'll be up on site in a few, just had to spout off here first.

We don't need cheaper healthcare, more hospitals or doctors. What we need is better health. THAT comes from better eating and cleaner, purer food sources.

The base issue is that our sub-par general health is the result of the devitalized foods foisted on us. The gospel according to the USDA is teeming with mistruths and bias.

(I've always questioned authority. Yes, I was a moderate hippie back then, some of the better parts stuck.)

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