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Canker or Cold Sores

Posted Jan 11 2009 3:38pm 2 Comments

Question: I have had canker sores for years. Not sure what they are, where they came from, etc. My MD’s keep trying to give me meds and even Vicodin to bandaid them. No one can figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is quite common in our society today. I am going to give you and “East and West” approach to this. As I feel both are quite helpful. The thing to keep in mind is that, whatever I recommend to take, you must make changes in your life with how you live, eat and think in order to get this issue under control. Just taking herbs or supplements is just as a bandaid as taking western meds is.

Herpes refers to a group of disorders which manifest with an eruption of red, painful blisters or sores on the skin, genitals, lips or eyes. The causative culprits are the closely related herpes simplex 1, herpes simplex 2, and varicella-zoster viruses, often combined with a weakening of immune function. The most common manifestations are cold sores (herpes 1), genital sores (herpes 2) and shingles (varicella-zoster). Also known as cold sores, oral herpes usually affects the lip, though it can also erupt closer to the nose, or affect the eye (opthalmic herpes). Generally it is caused by herpes simplex 1, which tends to affect the face, whereas the genitals are more often the domain of herpes simplex 2. Initial infection with the herpes virus is thought to occur in childhood when it may be entirely asymptomatic. Once present, the virus lays dormant in the nerve cells of the face/mouth and erupts occasionally into the acute, cold sore manifestation. This is preceded by tingling, soreness and burning, and followed by a blister, which eventually weeps and crusts over with a yellow scab. There is the possibility of contagion at any stage of this flare-up, especially upon contact with the fluid.

Chinese Approach: From an old post and not that this means anything to you, but I am in favor of continually TCM treatments for cold sores. But you might also see some on your symtpoms and maybe what could be contributing to this.

Related Patterns of Illness
Kidney Yin Deficiency

This Kidney Yin focuses on strengthening the water receiving and generation aspect of the Kidneys and the general moistening function of the other Yin organs, such as the Lungs and Stomach, essential to the regulatory health of the body. In essence, the Kidney Yin is responsible for keeping your body cool and moist. Any problems with overheating or dryness can often times be associated with Kidney Yin Deficiency. Promotion of the health of the Kidney Yin can be directly related to the Liver Organ System as the kidney is the mother of the liver as seen through the eyes of Chinese Medicine. This means that the Kidney supports the Liver in all of its functions and is essential for healthy Liver Organ System regulation. It is extremely easy to burn up your storage of Yin and difficult to rebuild it. Kidney Yin Tonics and Qi Gong are a couple of the few means to regain the element of Yin. There are many patterns that may appear with Kidney Yin Deficiency. Some of these manifestations may show as: incontinence, insomnia, slow healing wounds, dry/red/flaky/itchy skin, hip/knee/ankle pain, heat in the palms/feet/chest, night sweats, low grade fevers, frequent urination and a restless composure.

Liver Yang Rising

The natural direction of the Liver is a rising force. When the Livers energy becomes excessive, especially in reference to the element of heat, the Yang energy naturally rise upwards towards the head. It is important to re-direct the excess heat energy downward by cooling the Liver Organ System, replenishing the lost Yin and draining the heat.

Kidney Yin Deficiency with Deficiency Fire

This is a pattern that develops when Kidney Yin Deficiency has become a long-term and chronic problem. It includes the pattern of Kidney Yin Deficiency which is manifested by issues of dryness and restlessness within the body, along with a sub-pattern of heat which may show at the Kidney level, blood level, heart level, fluid level or other levels. The following disharmonies includes a very traditional criteria of the pattern, along with disharmonies that we often see paired with this pattern.

Heart Yin Deficiency

The Yin of the Heart is responsible for nourishing and stabilizing the Heart and Shen. When the Heart Yin is Deficient, a wider variety of disharmonies, especially those related to the emotions, may result.

Heart Fire

Heart Fire is an excess problem, whether or not it derived out of excess or deficiency. Simply put, Heart Fire is when the Yang (fire) is out of control. Imagine, the Heart which is already associated with the Fire element, is burning extra hot. Fire and Heat (two of the six atmospheric states that can effect the Organs) is associated with literally heat, inflammation, excessive emotional sensitivity like increased fright, hot temper and passion. This pattern is literally fire upon fire, which I am sure you can imagine, leads to burn out! The symptoms below also include the sub-pattern: Heart Fire Shifting Downwards (a very common occurrence).

Stomach Fire and Stomach Yin Deficiency

When the Stomach is invaded by heat from smoking, spicy foods, dryness and Liver patterns it will rebel and cause such biomedical patterns such as pain, ulcers, gas, nausea, indigestion, excessive hunger, anxiety, and insomnia. Stomach Heat formulas are based on cooling, moistening and redirecting the stomach qi downward promoting a healthy digestive process.

More Western, but with some eastern in it:
I am going to give you some basic insight and direction with no so much depth. But my advice would be to make these changes, as supps, herbs, and topical treatments will only work if the below are done.

1. Canker sores or cold sores are commonly due to issues with a weakened immune system. 75-85% of your immune system is housed in the GALT system in the gut. I would do my 4R Gut healing program. You can find more about this on my blog and laid out in detail on my YouTube page.

2. I have seen people with gluten and dairy intolerances get flair ups all the time. My rec would be to eliminate these two things forever. I know it might be hard, but only as hard as you make it.

3. A great supp to buy to support your immune system is on I would take this when you do the Repair part of the 4R Gut Healing Program.

4. Stress typically causes a flair up, as stress stimulates cortisol and prolonged stimulation decreases our immune system. I would work with myself or someone else to assess where your stressors are coming from.

5. Sugar inhibits your immune system. Actually, 1tsp inhibits it for up to 4 hours. Sugar is sugar is sugar, not matter what kind. Eliminate it forever with what you have going on.

6. Other things that stress your immune system, but can also help it are: regular sleep patterns, drinking enough water, normal bowel movements, positive thought process and meditation, etc, the right type and amount of physical activity and the right quality and the right type of foods for you.

7. I would for sure eat 100% organic, as there are a lot of chemicals, GMO grains, sugars, additives, etc in most meats, veggies and boxed, canned, frozen foods. These stress the body, immune system and for sure create internal inflammation.

8. Adrenal issues: This conincides with weakened immune system. If you are in a stage of adrenal fatigue (1, 2 or 3), you cannot handle or adapt physiologically to stressors. I would get a 201 Adrenal lab from myself or BioHealth to see what is going on.

9. I would also get your hormones checked. If you have an imbalance, over produce androgens and DHT, you will have acne around the jaw line, chin and lips, which have an affect and stress on the immune system.

10. Besides the above, I have seen supplement with a good B vitamin help, zinc supplementation, Vit C and a good amino acid mixture

Josh Rubin

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Hi, I had numerous canker sores for many, many years, since childhood. They got so bad at one point (in my thirties, several years ago) that I got on the internet and searched in desperation one night. I found a suggestion regarding toothpastes. It was suggested that toothpastes containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) could cause the mucous membranes of the mouth to be in a state of constant flareup -- slight, but always there -- that would leave the mouth much more prone to breakdowns in the tissue. Desperate for anything, I changed toothpaste immediately, to one without SLS. I had an immediate, huge reduction in my canker sore incidence, and to this day my incidence remains over 90% reduced. I know there is generally more to the problem than toothpaste, probably mutli-faceted, but changing toothpaste greatly helped me. The reason I am on this site is that my 9-year-old son has many canker sores of late, but his toothpaste does not have SLS, so I'm looking for new answers for him. Thank you!.......Jennifer

Who wrote this?  Look it up on WebMD, canker sores are NOT the same as herpes or cold sores.  They are not a virus and are not contagious.  Doctors do not know what causes them but stress and acidic foods can be a factor. 

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