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Cancer relief from acupuncture, and you don’t need the needles

Posted Dec 02 2008 4:53am

cancer-relief-acupuncture Cancer relief from acupuncture, and you dont need the needles Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy and suffering nausea because of that treatment can gain relief from their symptoms using acupuncture - and the therapy can be just as effective without the needles penetrating the skin.

This conclusion has been drawn from two studies involving cancer patients. In the first study, a group of patients received conventional treatment for their nausea and only 25% found any relief from their symptoms. The second group received acupuncture treatment.

Over 200 patients having radiation treatment to the abdominal area or pelvic region were given one of two acupuncture treatments. 109 patients received traditional acupuncture in which needles penetrated the skin at specific points on the body. 106 patients were given a form of acupuncture which was simulated, whereby a blunt telescopic needle just touched the skin.

The treatment was used over a five week period of radiation therapy in which time patients had their acupuncture administered two to three times per week.

95% of patients said they felt relief from their nausea from acupuncture and nearly 70% also found it improved their mood, helped them sleep and reduced pain.

The results showed a significant improvement for health whether patients received simulated or traditional acupuncture compared to the conventional routines for relief. The study did highlight that traditional acupuncture does not have to involve needle penetration and so more research is required to understand what aspects of acupuncture are seen as beneficial and effective.

Whatever the outcome of these studies, once again acupuncture techniques and methods have proved to be more effective that conventional medicine for treating certain aspects of conditions such as cancer.

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