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Cancer patient turns to alternative medicine

Posted Oct 31 2008 7:56am 1 Comment

cancer-treatment1-300x199 Cancer patient turns to alternative medicine A man from Indiana in the US who has battled cancer for 20 years has turned to alternative medicine and complementary therapy to help fight his condition.

Elliot Yundenfriend was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 1989 and has since undergone procedures such as chemotherapy to prevent tumours developing in the lymph nodes of his neck, abdomen and underarm.

Chemotherapy successfully shrunk the tumours but stress would cause them to return. In an effort to reduce the recurrence of the cancer, Mr. Yundenfriend changed his lifestyle using alternative medicine methods such as nutrition, supplements and exercise.

Cutting out foods such as meat, and drinking distilled water, Mr. Yudenfriend found his tumours would shrink. Doctors put this down to a phenomenon known as ’spontaneous remission’ but Mr. Yudenfriend disagrees, saying that conventional treatment can be complemented with alternative methods to achieve results.

He now lectures about his condition and treatment and suggests people seek out a variety of treatment options for cancer as well as preventative measures to reduce the risk of developing cancer in the first place.

If you are suffering with cancer and would like more information on how complementary therapy can help click here


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cancer is one of the uncurable disease. Eating healthy organic foods can be a big help to cure  cancer.
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