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can stress or the cortisol have any thing to do with the kidneys producing kindney stones?

Posted by laurie

A friend of mine has chronic kidney stones.  I've noticed that they seem to coralte with times when he is at a high stress level. 
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Yes! Stress can cause a variety of problems in the body. Certain levels of stress are normal and the body can cope effectively for short periods of time. As stress increases or remains constant for long periods of time, the body's ability to function efficiently decreases. The body's immune system will become compromised and the ability to fight infection is limited. As cortisol levels in the blood increase the level of toxins that are removed as waste decrease. Toxins and cholesterol accumulate in the blood and tissues. In the instances where these substances begin to form kidney or gall stones, small deposits of cholesterol harden and block ducts and pathways. Consult a physician to determine that this is truly the cause of the kidney stones. Your friend will need to determine what causes the kidney stones. Vitamin deficiencies are also a possibility. Stress can quickly deplete the body's store of vitamins and minerals, as well. 

Your friend may need to evaluate some of the stressors he is experiencing and do what he can to eliminate them. If they cannot be eliminated, it would do him well to find ways of coping with them. Exercise, meditation, counseling, etc. are possible options.

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