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Can Overeating Cause Cramps?

Posted Apr 29 2010 1:17am

Your stomach hurts badly! You are experiencing stomach cramps. There are several things that can actually cause stomach cramps – and you definitely want to figure out what is causing this cramping and how to make it go away. You may wonder if overeating really causes the stomach muscles to cramp. In fact it does.

can overeating cause cramps

What is a Stomach Cramp?

A stomach cramp is not the same as a stomach ache. A stomach cramp is an actual muscle cramp, much like getting a cramp in your foot or the calf of the leg. It is painful, and it cannot be massaged away in most cases. You must wait for the cramp to subside.

A stomach ache is a persistent pain, usually relieved by vomiting or a bowel movement. A stomach cramp causes pain that gives you a squeezing sensation, and the feeling comes and goes in waves, like a spasm.

Food and Stomach Cramps

Cramps can be caused in relation to food in a variety of ways. Eating too much can cause stomach pain and cramps. Intolerance to food is also a culprit, but until they experience food intolerance, most people think that this type of problem only causes nausea and vomiting, when in fact it can and does cause stomach cramping as well.

Overeating can cause indigestion, which in turn causes stomach cramps, but it is also important to understand that indigestion can also occur even if you don’t overeat if there is food intolerance to certain foods. When you overeat, the stomach muscles must contract even more than usual to breakdown and digest the foods, which cause those muscles to cramp. Food poisoning is another problem that can cause stomach cramps in relation to food.

Other Causes of Stomach Cramps

Food isn’t the only thing that can cause stomach cramps. These painful cramps can also be caused by constipation and diarrhea. Menstruation can cause stomach cramps due to an over production of prostaglandins. Exercise can also cause stomach cramps – especially exercise of the abdominal muscles. These cramps usually occur either because you haven’t properly warmed the muscles before exercising, or because the muscles are unused to the activity.

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