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Can Ibuprofen Interfere with Ovulation?

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:28pm

Yes!  Ibuprofen and other drugs that belong to non steroidal anti inflammatory drug class like aspirin, excedrin, motrin, advil, aleve etc. can interfere with ovulation.  A study published in Journal of Clinical Pharmacology  (Bata MS, Al-Ramahi M, Salhab AS, Gharaibeh MN, Schwartz J. Delay of ovulation by meloxicam in healthy cycling volunteers: A placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover study. J Clin Pharmacol. 2006 Aug;46(8):925-32) showed that women who took NSAID medication had delayed ovulation by approximately 5 days, decreased levels of serum progesterone in the second part of the cycle and increased follicle size.  Other studies have suggested that NSAID’s can interfere with normal implantation.

If you trying to conceive it is important that you refrain from taking drugs that belong to NSAID category especially around ovulation time.  Tylenol can be used since it does not belong to this category but it is definitely better to avoid any over the counter medications if possible.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, it is important to address the root cause of the  issue and use safer and more gentle alternatives like acupuncture, herbal medicine, physical therapy, massage, yoga therapy, nutritional therapy, essential oils and others.

Common herbs that are used to decrease inflammation and relieve pain are ginger and turmeric. Both are commonly used in cooking in China and India.  Adding ginger and turmeric to your food will not only add nice flavor and color to your dishes but also help with pain control.  Magnesium is a muscle relaxant so if you suffer from muscular pain and stiffness taking an Epsom salt (magnesium) bath can help.  Fish oil and cold liver oil can also help decrease inflammation and provide pain relief.

Myrrh, the resin of a tree Commiphora myrrha, has been used in both traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to fight pain caused by inflammation.  It is commonly paired with frankincense to create a powerful pain control formula.

Please consult with the licensed health care professional for treatment option that is appropriate for your condition.

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