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Can I take all my supplements all at once in the morning for example?

Posted by Marie

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It's a temptation to just toss all those supplements into a big pile and take them once a day. The problem with this idea is that most of them get washed out in the urine if you take too much, and that's why 2 or 3 times a day, spaced out, is better. Also, some go better with food (such as vitamins and minerals) while others go better on an empty stomach (your herbal supplements and phytonutrients). There are only a few products that can be taken EITHER with food or without food -- for example, I couldn't live without my MIND BODY & SPIRIT, a Rhodiola supplement, and it can be taken either with or without food, with no negative effect. If you space out your supplements in at least TWO times each day, you'll be far better off than taking everything all at once.


I agree with Dave - your body has in-built mechanisms to prevent you absorbing too much of any vitamin or mineral at once. So splitting your dose will mean you actually get more from your supplements.

Also, some minerals compete for absorption - for example iron competes with zinc, calcium competes with magnesiuim.  So if you're taking supplements of minerals that could compete, best to split them - for example if you're taking a separate iron and zinc supplement, take your iron at one end of the day and your zinc at the other.

Hope this helps! 



rk with food, so it is better to take them with food and most people eat 3 times a day. If you took them at breakfast and dinner, that would work fine too. Make sure you take your fat-soluble supplements (e.g. vitamin E, fish oils, vitamin A etc.) with your fattiest meal of the day. If you forget to take your supplements at breakfast you can double up and take them at night. Some supplements are best taken at bedtime - such as magnesium, they help to relax the muscles.  The comments about vitamins washing out with the urine is not entirely accurate - even though they may appear in the urine as a slightly darker color (this is usually the B vitamins), this does not mean that they have not done their job.  Even drugs that have done their job washout in the urine. Hope this helps.

Edward Leyton MD 

The comment made by the MD above shows that this person does not use herbs, or recommend herbal medicines to his patients. Herbal products do not go better with food. Generally (always read the instructions on the box) herbs are best taken on an empty stomach. 
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