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Can Hypnosis Increase Your Luck?

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:37pm
Hypnosis is quite popular as a tool to lose weight and quit smoking. But, did you know hypnosis can be good for helping you become luckier?

According to the book, “Lucky You - Proven Strategies for Finding Good fortune” (written by Randall Fitzgerald) there have been many studies of the different behaviors of lucky people. And these behaviors can be learned by less lucky people to become luckier. Four of these traits possessed by lucky people are: Belief that your lucky; Noticing the lucky things that happen to you, no matter how small they may be; Listening and acting on your hunches; and the ability to quiet their minds in order to get in tune with their hunches.

That’s right. Lucky people believe deep down in their subconscious that they have the power to attract luck in their lives. And, they notice all the lucky things that happen to them. We attract the things we notice. And, if we notice and appreciate that we are lucky, our luck will increase. And, lucky people listen and act on their hunches.

Now, these traits are behaviors that can be learned. Because, the truth is, luck is all in your head! Take the case of a friend of mine who, along with all the members of his family, is very lucky at slots. Whenever he goes to a casino he comes out richer than when he went in. Word got around at his job that he was very lucky at the casino. Then one day a co-worker came up to him and said he heard my friend was very lucky at slots. My friend said "yes," he was. The man told him that he was going to Vegas that weekend and needed some luck. He touched my friend's shoulder and said “there, I took your luck.” And, guess what? For the longest time my friend had become unable to win. Now, did somebody really take his luck? No, but he believed somebody did, and it had the same effect as if somebody really did. That’s how powerful the mind and subconscious is.

That’s where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is one tool that can actually go in there and change the beliefs of the subconscious. How exactly does it do that? Hypnosis actually is able to bypass that critical part of our minds and go directly to the subconscious and give it new, positive messages. But, how can it do that? How can it bypass our critical minds to go in and do its work? The answer is: Brain Waves. We all have them. Right now we’re in our waking state, which is Beta consciousness. But, by altering our conscious state through hypnosis or meditation, we take ourselves to Alpha consciousness, and our brain waves actually slow down. Basically we lose the critical chatter and inhibitory process that characterizes our Beta consciousness. Therefore, suggestions such as “I am a winner” and “I attract good opportunities in my life” are slipped in without the critical mind even noticing because it’s slowed down.

And that is how hypnosis can give you the characteristics to attract luck in your life.
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