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Can Eating Raw Food Be The New Diet Fad?

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:13pm 1 Comment

The Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food diet, also known as ‘Raw Foodism’ or just ‘Rawism’ is a diet which involves eating most or all of one’s food raw. This is done for health reasons, as Raw Foodists believe that this is a more natural, and thus healthier way of eating. In geological time, cooked foods are a relatively recent phenomena for humanity (and living organisms in general), as during most of the time when we evolved we consumed uncooked foods. Thus our bodies are adapted to raw food, and so there is the possibility that eating cooked foods can increase the risk of cancer and other illnesses. Proponents of the raw food diet say that it encourages weight loss, and heals a number of illnesses and chronic diseases.

eating raw food

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If it is a new fad, I'm glad because that means more people will learn about it... however, for folks like me, it has NOTHING to do with popularity and EVERYTHING to do with the amazing good health we experience when eating a Raw Vegan Diet.


Before RAW, I suffered from Severe Headaches/Migraines (almost daily), severe Endometriosis, Joint Pain, Fibromylagia Symptoms (at age 16 - present, age 24), and much more...

 On RAW, I am 80% symptom free on the Fibro + Endo... and I'm TOTALLY Headache and Migraine-free!!!! 

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