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Can anyone recommend a good Naturopathic Doctor in the Bay Area?

Posted by Tracey R.

Even though I eat a very healthy diet, get a fair amount of exercise, etc. I have a lot of health issues for my age. I can't seem to get any real help from the traditional medical community. I feel like all of my issues MAY be somehow related and if that's the case, I want to get at the root cause. I want an open minded doctor who will look at the WHOLE picture and not just throw prescription drugs at me to treat symptoms. Anyone have experience with naturopathic medicine? Any recommendations for the SF Bay Area? Hope this post is appropriate for this community. If not, sorry.
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You've gotten some great feedback here.  

You may want to consider attending the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, March 26-28, 2010.  They consistently have great speakers -- a lot of education and good products, too.  You can google Health Freedom Expo or email me at for more information.



I just saw your post. I am a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Berkeley. We Naturopaths are all about getting to the root cause of your problems! In my opinion, seeking naturopathic care is also about seeking a relationship with your healthcare provider. A licensed naturopath will have all the credentials he or she needs to practice, but the flavor of medicine every individual employs is just as unique as every patient's particular health issue. I strongly suggest that you interview Naturopaths in the area. The AANP website is a great place to find contact information for care providers. Most ND's will spend 10-15 minutes with you in person or on the phone to help you determine if it is a good fit. So start interviewing! You will probably learn a lot about what you do and don't want through the process, which will ultimately facilitate a smoother healing path for you.

Good luck! 

Dr. Jeannie Achuff, ND 

You could also try a Functional Medicine Practitioner. They use some techniques similar to naturopathy. They do lab testing for adrenal function, parasitic testing, H pylori, heavy metals, detoxification functions, etc.

They are skilled at finding the root cause of illness and generally have high success rates treating people with chronic health problems.

I happen to BE a Functional Medicine Practitioner and I practice in the Bay Area

Kerri Knox, RN

Functional Medicine Practitioner


Tracey - You might want to look on the California Naturopathic Doctors Association webpage at

I can recommend an excellent naturopathic physician in the bay area. Highly trained doctor with that important combination of clinical skills and experience.

Sally Lamont, N.D., L.Ac. 415-453-0708

Hey Tracey,

I've been to a homeopathic docto. Its not so bad. You just have to get use to these medicines. Though it takes time to cure the ailment but its more long lasting.

Thanks for the link, Larisa. Have you ever been to a naturopathic, holistic or homeopathic doctor?
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