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can acupuncture help with vertigo and headaches?

Posted by John M.

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Yes, Acupuncture Should Help. Disclaimer: I am not a licensed acupuncturist. Acupuncture works to clear out the energetic blockages that lead to physical problems such as headaches. A qualified acupuncturist should be able to ease headaches and possibly even vertigo using acupuncture. Of course, you should also get checked out by a regular doctor to make sure something serious isn't going on. Acupuncture is a good addition to Western medicine, but not meant as a replacement when serious illness is involved.

Headaches and vertigo can have numerous causes. Acupuncture works through various mechanisms and can resolve some of the most common instances. Ideally, you should find an acupuncturist with a good knowledge of neural, muscular and skeletal issues to enhance the chances of a good diagnosis and treatment.

For instance, muscular tension or trigger points in the neck muscles and at the base of the skull can be involved. A trigger point in the sternocleidomastoid (STM) muscle on the side of the neck can be a specific cause of both headaches and vertigo.

Inner or middle ear inflammation and/or fluid, sometimes developing from an sinus infection, can be involved: acupuncture and herbal medications can resolve this.

Vascular problems or blood pressure variations could be involved. I find acupuncture is good for vascular-type headaches and migraines (with possible associated vertigo) but not so good for long term treatment of chronic hypertension. Some herbal formulas are useful, but be careful if you are on other medications, especially for blood pressure.

Of course, a more serious issue could be the problem. But before I would get a CT scan of my head, I would look for more common causes. If they can be properly diagnosed and successfully treated, you don't need to spend the money or worry chasing after unlikely extreme cases.

Hi John,


My suggestion is to get tested and diagnosed (either bloodwork, ph balance and/or ct scan) first, to determine the cause of your headaches and vertigo.  That will first eliminate any concern of an extreme cause and, secondly, help you coordinate with your doctor about using a complementary treatment in conjunction with conventional care.


Good luck and take care,



Hello John,

A massage client of mine completely overcame vertigo with a few acupuncture sessions. This may not happen for everyone, but definitely worth a try!

Be well, Jen

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be very effective with headaches and vertigo; those are among the things we most commonly treat.

Your acupuncturist will look for the underlying imbalance in your health that is causing these symptoms.  They will ask you about the specific symptoms; how severe they are; when they happen; and what makes it better or worse.  They will also ask about your health in general, including stress, muscle tension, old injuries, other health conditions; and about your energy, sleep, appetite, digestion, etc.  This gives a picture of what may be "off" in your body that is causing the headaches and dizziness.

Acupuncture treatment will work on two different levels: first, to relieve the symptoms themselves as quickly as possible, and second, to work on the underlying cause of the symptoms so they don't come back.  A Chinese herbal formula, along with acupuncture, can help this process work more quickly and effectively.  It usually takes several treatments (at least 3, up to 10 or 12) to get good, lasting results.

It is also a good idea to visit your medical doctor for diagnosis, to rule out any serious medical problem behind your symptoms.  

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!


yes acupuncture helps.  i echo marilyn's response.
hi, i have been diagnosed with BPPV benign paroxysmal positional vertigo which is caused by debris and or fluid annoying the delicate hairs in the semicircular canals. This has caused me hell. My life is nseverely restricted as my symptoms a very bad, even walking about the hse makes me feel unwell with dizzyness, a spinning sensation, nausea and feeling like im going to faint. Can acupuncture help to stop this ?
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