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Can acupuncture help with sensory motor polyneuropathy?

Posted by Steve Orcutt

My old friend and retired military man is very outgoing and without pain however his ability to walk without a very pronounced almost bounce in his leg and his awkwardness is getting worse.  I saw him at lunch and asked if he wanted me to check of the success of treatment with acupuncture.  He said fine as the specialists tell him there is nothing they can do for him expect prescribe pain meds.  He has no pain.  He is a wonderful patriot and teaches regularly to groups about the history of and proper use of the flag.  I want him to continue as long as he can.  His work means everything to him.-Thanks for any advise you can provide.-Steve Orcutt
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Hello Steve:

What a kind friend you are to check on this.  I can't promise because I would need to know more information about this man's situation, but acupuncture has helped many people with similar problems.   Your friend is welcome to contact me and I can direct him further if need be.   Thank you so much for writing. 

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