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Can Acupuncture Help Heal Eczema?

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:14pm

acupuncture Acupuncture for Eczema - A Possible Cure?

Eczema is defined by the Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology as “a pruritic papulovesicular dermatitis occurring as a reaction to many endogenous and exogenous agents”. In layman’s terms, eczema is an itchy skin irritation or eruption that occurs because of internal or external factors. How could acupuncture treat these skin eruptions? Is it even possible?

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is believed to have originated from China and its underlying principles include the presence of acupuncture body points located along meridians. These meridians are similar to a path that our vital energy, which is called “chi” or “qi”, uses to flow through our body. By inserting very fine needles into these points, acupuncturists can relieve pain and treat patients for several ailments and diseases.

Knowing a little bit more about both eczema and acupuncture, is it possible that acupuncture could treat the eczema caused by internal factors? The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture considers acupuncture to be a complementary therapy for many conditions including selected dermatoses such as eczema.

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