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Burn More Fat Without Exercise

Posted Dec 14 2009 12:06pm
need to lose weight

The holidays are one of the worst time for our figures. We eat and drink too much and there is no time for .  I have good news! You can make your body burn more fat without moving a muscle.

This is an article I wrote as a guest author to Hormones-Beauty-Health .

Fat burning is not something your body does only while you are exercising.
In fact, you can burn a lot of fat while you’re sleeping. Here are the easiest, non-sweaty ways to burn more fat:

  1. Don’t drink alcohol before bedtime.
    Your liver is your second most important fat burner. It works best a night. However if you have alcohol in your body the liver will use that instead. Skip the alcohol and burn fat while you’re sleeping.
  2. Drink water.
    Fat needs to be transported from your fat cells to your muscles. If you are dehydrated the transportation will be less efficient. Drink more water, juice and milk to ensure that you are properly hydrated.
  3. Eat protein.
    Protein stimulates different hormones, for example glucagon, which helps your fat cells release fat.
  4. Add fat to your diet.
    A too little fat intake is very bad if you want to burn fat efficiently. 20-30% of your energy intake should come from fat. The hard part is that the fats should be unsaturated.
  5. Eat all you want one day a week.
    By eating more food and not watching your diet one day a week you stimulate your body to burn more fat.

If you are looking for a flat stomach just crunches won’t work. You have to lower your overall fat percentage to let your abs show. These changes will burn fat all over your body. Our focus is usually on when we talk about burning fat but dietary changes can have a considerate effect.

Enjoy the Holidays with these fat burning tips!

Image by / CC BY-SA 2.0
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