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Bring It On! National Alfredo Fettuccine Day

Posted Feb 07 2010 4:55pm

alfredo-pasta First offI can’t say that Alfredo fettuccine is my favorite type of pasta. I only say that for lack of trying. When I eat ItalianI prefer a yummy marinara sauce any day. For othersthey don’t need a to indulge in their favorite pasta.

A look at some recipes reveals one fitness fact straightaway—this is a dieting mine field. With plenty of buttercreamand cheeseit’s easy to see that there are some serious calorie issues.

I’m not one for depravation diets. Your success depends upon you not feeling as if you are deprived in any way. Besidespasta is good. Butter is very good. What’s not to like?

This is definitely one of those recipes you have to save for a free meal. As yummy as it isyou won’t be reducing significant fat from your diet if you indulge too much. Here are a couple hints to make your indulgence worthwhile.

Make it homemade.
Making it homemade gives you a bit more control over calories and fat. Besidesif you like extra cheeseyou can make sure it’s included.

Use the highest quality products.
Heyif you’re going to indulgeat least make it worthwhile Skip the store-brand butter. Go for the good stuff. I use exclusively for my butter of choice. It has a clean taste that is a bit higher in fatmaking it sinfully delicious.

Go for the good Parmesan.
Good Italian cooking demands a good Parmesan. Splurge on a wedge of a goodaged Parmesan and enjoy!

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