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Bring Abundance and Good Health into Your Life!

Posted Apr 04 2009 11:17pm


Have you ever heard that you can’t be too rich or too thin?

Well, perhaps you can, but most of us want a life of abundance and good health. Affirmation Bead Circlets and Bracelets are designed to aid you in using your most powerful affirmations to achieve your goals.

We offer two types:

Prosperity Affirmation Bead Circlets and Bracelets

The beads chosen for the Prosperity Affirmations are a blend of citrine, peridot, carnelian, ruby, chryoprase, aventurine, yellow jade, green jade, black obsidian, and other semi-precious gemstone beads that are known to attract wealth and abundance into your life. They are  interspersed with a variety of 14 k. and 18 k. gold plated beads, and finished with a gold plated heart charm, symbolizing your very own heart of gold, central to attracting riches into your life.

Weight Loss Affirmation Bead Circlets and Bracelets

The beads chosen for the Weight Loss affirmations are a blend of peacock stone, picasso jasper, carnelian, appatite, rhodochrosite, iolite, rose quartz, amethyst, sodalite, hematite, and other semi-precious gemstone beads known to aid in appetite control, metabolism boosting, muscle strengthening, self-esteem boosting, and other traits necessary to successful weight loss and a trimmer, stronger body.  They are interspersed with a variety of silver plated beads, and finished with a Tibetan silver butterfly, symbolic of the metamorphosis you are ready to experience. 


Choose Circlets or Bracelets:

The circlets are smaller, designed to be carried easily in your pocket or your purse, or they can be placed under your pillow at night.  If you’d like to have your beads to wear as beautiful jewelry, we also offer them as bracelets in either 7 inch or 8 inch lengths. 

The Affirmations:

Both circlets or bracelets come with suggested powerful affirmations chosen to help you create the prosperity or good health you desire.  A suggested use for the beads is to touch each bead as you say your affirmations, much in the same way one would use a rosary or prayer beads.  In fact, if you choose to pray as you touch your beads, that’s another powerful way to use them because prayer is a very special form of affirmation.  You may use our affirmations or create those of your own.  Just make sure to make them in the first person (I, me) and in the present tense (I am).  For example, “Wellness is the natural state of my body.  I think only wellness,” or “I am a magnet for money.  Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.”

All the semi-precious gemstone beads have been cleansed of negative energy and re-energized with healing Reiki before they are sent to you.  Each circlet and bracelet is hand-made with love, and each bead is chosen especially to meet your goals of good health and prosperity.

For extra help with your goals, why not consider choosing a self-hypnosis CD to go along with your affirmation beads.  We offer Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Self-Hypnosis for Prosperity.

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