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Posted Sep 11 2008 7:12pm
  • New laser printer hazard findings
    Yet another household and office hazard has been discovered and accused of air pollution...
  • Mood shifts in the brain follow the music
    The human brain's activity shifts along with music's changing moods, a new study shows...
  • Hostility is a health risk
    Ten years of frequent hostility and depression may harm men's immune systems and put them at risk for heart disease, a U.S. study found.
  • And now, a green bean recall
    Lakeside Foods Inc. of Manitowoc, Wis., is recalling 15,000 cases of its 14.5-ounce French style green beans because some of the cans may have been under-processed and some may have leaked...
  • House bill directs FDA to revamp food safety work
    The U.S. House passed a $90.7 billion funding bill on Thursday that orders the Food and Drug Administration to write a plan for improving its food safety work, brought into doubt by tainted imports this year (Hey, I'd like billions of dollars to write a plan, too)...
  • Why people have sex
    In a "duh" moment after years of research, scientists have concluded the reason humans have sex is...get ready... It feels good...(and 273 other reasons)...
  • One dose of vitamin D boosts TB immunity
    In healthy people who have been exposed to tuberculosis, a single oral dose of vitamin D enhances their immunity against this bacterial infection...
  • You may not be demented--just dehydrated
    T You don’t need to be stranded in a desert to feel the effects of dehydration. Almost all the people you see and meet on a daily basis are dehydrated...
  • When is walking a good workout?
    These days, it's easy for people to get confused about exercise -- how many minutes a day should they spend working out, for how long and at what exertion level? Conflicting facts and opinions abound, but one Mayo Clinic physician says the bottom line is this: walking is good, whether the outcome measurement is blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems or mental health...
  • Hidden names for MSG [ALSO: MSG Slow Poison ]
    It is very difficult to really know whether MSG (monosodium glutamate) is in your food, because it goes by so many aliases. To avoid ingesting this toxic additive, you’re best off choosing fresh, unprocessed foods. But becoming familiar with the hidden names of MSG can also help you determine what foods to eat...
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