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Posted Aug 26 2008 4:24pm
  • First carbon-neutral building declared

    The 12,000 square foot structure produces 15% more energy than it consumes, thanks to its geothermal heating system and the 39.4 kilowatt photovoltaic solar array on its roof....
  • Getting those 5 servings veggies may be out of reach for the poor

    We tend to blame the obesity epidemic in the United States on people making the wrong lifestyle choices -- for example, eating a Big Mac instead of carrot sticks or Twinkies instead of an apple. New research shows, however, that the price of healthy food may be too high for many low-income families to afford...
  • Smoking mothers lead to fat children: Japan study

    TOKYO (AFP) - Children whose mothers smoked even in the early stages of pregnancy are nearly three times more likely to struggle with obesity later in life, according to a Japanese study...
  • California bans smoking in cars with child passengers

    California's cigar-loving leader Arnold Schwarzenegger has passed a law making it an offense to smoke in a car carrying children under the age of 18, official sources said Thursday...
  • Sleeping pills for kids top global list of bad products

    In announcing its bad products awards for 2007, Consumers International said the top prize went to the US subsidiary of Japanese firm Takeda Pharmaceuticals for promoting a sleeping drug for children...
  • Social training helps kids keep weight off

    by focusing "more on a child's developmental context...promoting social support for healthy behaviors," social facilitation maintenance would be the more effective intervention for weight maintenance...
  • Caution: Killing Germs May Be Hazardous to Your Health

    As antibiotics lose their effectiveness, researchers are returning to an idea that dates back to Pasteur, that the body's natural microbial flora aren't just an incidental fact of our biology, but crucial components of our health, intimate companions on an evolutionary journey that began millions of years ago...

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