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Biochemic Tissue Salts

Posted Sep 14 2008 2:47am

The minerals your body needs come from food but some foods are mineral deficient. 19th century German doctor Wilhelm Schüssler understood this and put 12 essential minerals into remedies which he called ‘biochemic tissue salts’ - tiny white pills made from one part mineral to nine parts lactose, and diluted six times.

Nutritional expert Dr Andrew Stanway says, “Tissue salts can be used by anyone. They are very safe and unlikely to do any harm.” Leading naturopath and broadcaster Michael Van Straten adds, “There are many common minor ailments and symptoms which are well treated with complementary therapies and tissue salts are your first line of defense when these minor problems occur.”

You don’t have to cut out coffee, tea and strongly flavored toothpaste as you do with ordinary homeopathic remedies. For more serious conditions, seek advice from a homeopath. Orthodox doctors may know little about the salts, but they are widely prescribed in complementary medicine and used by many people for self help. You can buy them in many chemists and most health food stores.

Biochemic Tissue Salts Are Good For:

  • feeling run down
  • coughs, colds & catarrh
  • cramping pains
  • nervousness & anxiety
  • occasional indigestion
  • hay fever
  • headaches
  • varicose veins & piles
  • minor skin problems

5 Useful Biochemic Tissue Salt Remedies

  • MAG PHOS (works better with sips of hot water) - Painful period, cramping pain.
  • NAT MUR - Watery colds, runny nose
  • CALC SULP - Teenage pimples
  • FERR PHOS (moisten a few tablets and apply mixture) - Wounds
  • SILICA - Abcesses, boils, styes on eyes

Can I take tissue salts whilst I’m taking other mineral supplements?

Tissue salts are, by themselves, a safe, effective way of replacing vital minerals, so whilst probably not harmful you shouldn’t need extra mineral supplements too.

Do I take the remedies one at a time?

Not necessarily. Some manu­facturers, like Native Remedies, make ready made combination remedies for specific ailments. It is generally better to use these than to try and make up your own combinations.

Biochemic Tissue Salts:




SELF HELP - Possible

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