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Best Dog Flea Treatments

Posted Mar 03 2010 9:03pm

Fleas are common on dogs. They are not only irritating; they can be harmful in other ways to your pet like causing disease.  Flea control is imperative for the health of your dog and your family.

dog flea treatment

The Best Dog Flea Treatments Begin and End with Prevention

If you are a new pet owner who doesn’t have a flea problem yet, you have won half the battle.  Start preventing fleas before they start.  If you have a pet and already have a flea problem you will first need to rid your pet and your home of fleas and then continue a flea prevention regimen to prevent further outbreaks.

Many people assume that by simply bathing your pet that you will prevent or rid them of fleas.  While bathing your pet is great, bathing alone will not prevent or get rid of fleas.  To effectively rid your home and your pet of fleas you must interrupt the cycle of life of these parasites.  Even if you kill the adult fleas, if eggs have been laid, the cycle will repeat.

Your Veterinarian Can Prescribe the Best Dog Flea Treatments

The veterinarian can prescribe medications that contain ingredients that can kill adult fleas and their eggs in as little as 48 hours.  Some of these ingredients are Fipronil, Pyrethrins, Fenoxycarb and Imidacloprid.  Some medications are a combination of these ingredients.

There are medications that you can apply topically to your pet or give orally.  One dose can last for a month and even longer for different medications.  These are most effective and fastest treatments and need to be prescribed by the vet; they can’t be purchased without a prescription.

Best Dog Flea Treatments at Home

There are things you can do at home, without going to the vet.  You can treat your dog topically with eucalyptus oil in combination with some other oils like aloe vera juice or citronella oil.  Pennyroyal oil is another herb that can help ward off fleas; it is very potent and must be diluted before being applied directly to the skin. Check with an herbalist or your vet for the right mixture of oils that would benefit your pet. You can put additives in your dogs’ food such as garlic or nutritional yeast.  These are repulsive to the fleas through the skin.  Bathing your dog twice weekly in a bath of orange peels soaked in the water can be helpful.  The chemical in citrus fruits can get rid of fleas immediately.  Be sure to soak all the way through the fur to the skin to get the citrus in contact with all the fleas. Keep in mind though that you must kill the adult fleas and their eggs or this cycle will continue.  These remedies can take longer to completely rid your pet and your home of fleas.

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