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Become an Independent Reiki Mast...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:23pm

Become an Independent Reiki Master
and Energy Healer

For more information on how to reduce stress, invite abundance into your life, and how to use healing techniques for yourself and others, please post a reply with your email address. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.

My intention is to to help as many as possible learn some of these beautiful energy systems and whom I hope will pass them onto others.

All Masters-In-Training are given individual attention and lifetime support. For those who are new to energy healing I would advise you to begin with the Usui Independent Reiki Master Initiation before requesting other energy modalities. Reiki is a really good foundation for most other systems, which usually require at least Level 2 Reiki training.

Through my years of training and experience, I have created a simple and powerful process to attune onself as a Reiki Master. This was done with the intention to empower anyone to access healing energy easily and independently, particularly for those who cannot attend Reiki training. Payments are made securely and easily through Paypal to my email You do not need a Paypal account to make a payment.

I charge a one-time fee of $275 for the Usui Independent Reiki Master training which includes the self-attunement, manuals, lineage and certification, and lifetime support. This healing system is usually taught at a cost from $1,000 to $10,000 with independent and traditional Usui Reiki master teachers. ***Note: I have included the Healing attunement training manual as an additional bonus for you.

The Complete Independent Reiki Master Initiation Course: Beginning with the Reiki Master self-attunement, this manual teaches you the original Reiki ideals, how to prepare for the Reiki Master attunement, all the sacred symbols and self-attunement process, and lineage. See how a single process can powerfully attune you to accessing healing energy. Discover the benefits of how this healing system complements and enhances all types of medical treatment, relieving stress, agitation, acute and chronic pain, as well as a natural aid for sleeping, and energizing.

Conduct Reiki Healing: This manual covers the basic hand positions, in-person and distance techniques. Learn how the 'Law of Correspondence' and the 'Law of Similarity' help you to do remote healing sessions....How crystals can continuously transmit Reiki energy while you do other things!

Advanced Reiki Healing: Learn how to create Reiki stacks and send healing energy to dozens of people, places, and inanimate objects ALL AT ONCE! Other advanced healing techniques include Group Healing, project Reiki energy with your eyes, and more...

Reiki Chi Kung: Learn how this Reiki moving meditation integrates Reiki energy more directly into the physical body.

Reiki Psychic Attunement: The Psychic Attunement is a powerful tool and will increase your abilities beginning at your current level.

Advanced Energy Healing Modalities
Should you choose to expand your knowledge and experience, I also teach 12 powerful healing modalities which complement Reiki energy and can be incorporated to enhance the healing experience. Once you've completed the Master self-attunement (or are already a Reiki Master), each healing modality is only $150. This includes attunements, empowerments, training manuals and certification.

You are free to choose whatever modality you are drawn to. These are all offered with love, and are sent for the highest good of all concerned.

Below are brief descriptions of these healing forms:

Abundantia/Abundance Rays: Abundantia is a beautiful Goddess of success, prosperity, abundance and good fortune. She is also considered to be a protector of savings, investments and wealth.

Akashic Records: Every person can access their own records of talents and knowledge.

Egyptian Pyramid Empowerment: This beautiful meditational empowerment awakens memories that we have long forgotten. Initiates of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools are awakening their memories. They will be guided to initiations to that end.

Hawaiian Trinity: Three systems in three manuals - Aloha, Kahuna and Uhane Nui. These can be done as separate modalities or done as a trilogy.

  1. If you are drawn to Aloha Reiki it is time to clear and open your heart space. We relearn the return to aloha (love) and that self aloha is what we do first to be able to spread aloha.

  2. Practicing Kahuna Reiki can lead to incredibly soul blessings. We relearn to empower ourselves by letting go and releasing the past. And then you can remember the spirit connection between all things and tapping into our heart unity. It deals with all aspects of our lives so we can embrace our spirit greatness ('uhane nui).

  3. ‘Uhane nui Reiki We cleared away the past, (kahuna reiki), started to re-love ourselves (aloha reiki) and now we shine own our spirit greatness (‘Uhane nui reiki). This is the joyful embracing of our ‘uhane nui and we honor our sacred light and trust ourselves. As well as feeling at peace and full of ‘uhane knowing you are living in the moment.

Huna Reiki: Also known in ancient times as Ho’omana, Huna is an Hawaiian Tradition that is incredibly old and traces it’s roots back to Lemuria.

Kabbalah Reiki: Combines the mysticism of Kabbalah with the energies of Reiki.

Koso Rays, Sokaisi, Kofu Trinity: This system is the first Stellar Transformational Attunement System on Earth. The unique energies of this healing system do not originate from Earth and are very different compared with any rays used on the Planet Earth before.

Kundalini Reiki: One of the simplest healing and self-development system that exists.

Light Dream: From St. Germaine this is an effective healing method to help with sleep and dream problems.

Seichim: It uses the original energy practiced by ancient Egyptians as experienced by Patrick Ziegler, blending the Egyptian energy with Reiki.

Shaman Power: The attunement brings in the flow of the shaman power. In shamanic cultures the ancestors and other spirit beings are integrated totally into the everyday way of life, often with astonishing results.

Shamanic Energy Healing: This attunement helps you on your shamanic journey.

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