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Beat the cold, before it beats you!

Posted Jan 04 2010 5:49am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

It's cold and flu season. What a way to begin the new year. But there are natural ways to beat it before it gets you down.

  • Get plenty of sleep (it seems minor, but it really is quite essential)
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water, juice, and tea (how do your lips feel when chapped from the cold? well, your insides get chapped too when not properly hydrated)
  • Cut back on the sweets (not just to lose pounds, but to stay healthy! Sugar makes you feel sicker because it works for the sick side!!)
  • At the first sign of the flu, take the homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum - and there is also a homeopathic remedy for colds too. (Check them both out at the drug store!!)
  • Drink Echinacea tea, ginger tea, green tea, roobios tea
Are you wondering where the antibiotics are or the antiviral drugs are?

You really don't need them if you eat a balanced diet, high in vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. There is a green juice drink (by Odwalla) that has Spirulina in it along with other veggies and fruit in it. Spirulina is an antiviral.

You may either buy Odwalla's version of the green juice or make your own in a juicer.
An 8-oz glass of green juice every day is the holistic and natural "flu shot." Have yourself a "flu shot" this morning!

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