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Back pain is a big problem for m ...

Posted Jul 01 2009 6:38pm

Back pain is a big problem for many people.  For some people the problem is muscular tension, some from injuries, some from spinal pathologies.  Here’s a list of 7 sneaky ways any type of back pain can get aggravated, and how to deal with them.

1) Your bed.  With easy financing and reasonable payment plans (not to mention plenty of sales), this is the perfect time to invest in a quality bed.  Not only will your back thank you, but you’ll feel better in general and have a stronger immune system after experiencing better quality sleep.

2) Sugary snacks and sodas.  Sugar heightens our body’s perception of pain; and it causes inflammation which can aggravate all types of pain.

3)  A purse, bag or wallet.  Women often carry a purse on the same shoulder, with the consequence of the back being consistently thrown slightly out of alignment.  This goes for men’s shoulder bags/computer bags as well.  Carrying a wallet in the same back pocket can also throw the hips slightly out of alignment if you often sit directly on it.  Try moving the wallet to a front pocket and switching the side a bag is carried on.  I’ve seen these simple steps work wonders for people.

4) Large breasts or a large midsection.  The extra weight up front is another problem for spine alignment.  While there is no easy solution for either, simply remembering to stretch and move  throughout the day will help release the associated muscle tension to give some relief.

5) Bending and lifting.  Sure, everyone knows to bend at the knees and lift with the legs when you’re moving heavy stuff; but what about all of the small scale bending we do every day?  Picking objects up off the floor, putting on shoes, picking up kids, feeding the dogs, gardening, cleaning, etc… can all put extra strain on the lower back.  Proper body mechanics to help relieve that strain focus on using the large muscles of the body to do the most movement.  That means bending and moving with the legs instead of at the low back.  The added bonus is that by paying more attention to our movements we naturally become more present.

6)  Sitting too long.  Even though working on your feet all day can feel like a killer (just ask anyone who works in retail or restaurants), sitting down all day is actually worse for your back.  The lower spine is curved in a way such that it aligns best when we are standing.  Sitting creates stress on the discs between the vertebrae that can put pressure on nerves and weaken the discs themselves, making them prone to bulging.  Make sure to get up and move around throughout the day to ease that stress, improve circulation, and keep the back loose.

7) Unhappy feet.  Feet that walk around in shoes that do not properly fit or support the foot is a major source of back pain.  I’m talking to you high heels.  Simply having a professional help fit you for better shoes can make a big difference. Good body mechanics for sitting

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