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Ayurvedic approach to treat Gallstones!!!!

Posted Jan 01 2010 11:21pm
The gall bladder stores bile, a digestive fluid that the liver produces, until the fluid is required to help digest dietary fats in the small intestine. Normally, the acidic bile prevents cholesterol from becoming too concentrated. However, if too much cholesterol is present in the bile,it crystallizes in the gall bladder, forming gallstones. Gallstones that remain in the gall bladder typically produce no symptoms.Gallstones usually begin producing symptoms when they obstruct the duct that leads from the liver to the gall bladder or the duct that leads from the gallbladder to the small intestine. Once lodged in one of these ducts, the stones may produce painful spasms and inflammation at the site of the obstruction. To read more about Ayurvedic treatment for Gallstones, please check this article.
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