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Ayurveda description of asthi dhatu (Bones or Skeletal system)

Posted Nov 11 2009 3:17am
According to texts of ayurveda asthis or bones are formed from the nutrients supplied by medho dhatu through asthivaha srothas.The nutrients in medho dhatu which is meant to nourish asthi dhatu are processed in asthivaha srothas by dhatwagnis. Dhatwagni and bhutagni (vayu, agneya and prithvi) bring about hardness and heaviness to these nutrients which form asthi or bone.

Functions of asthi according to ayurveda:

In nature we observe that trees are supported by strong solid stems. Same way human body is supported by strong bones. All muscles (mamsa), tendons and ligaments are attached to asthis (bones). Asthi supports these structures and gives shape to our body.

Asthi Vriddhi Laxana:

When asthi dhatu increases more than normal , it leads to formation of adhyasthi (hypertrophy of bone) and adhidanta (formation of extra teeth).

Asthi Kshaya Laxanas:

When asthidhatu or nutrients of asthidhatu reduces the following diseases may surface.

Asthitoda : Inflammation of bones and joints (like arthritis)
Sadana : weakness
Dwija prapatana : falling of teeth
Srama : weakness
Bhagna : pathological fractures
Phakkaroga : rickets
Asthi Kshaya : thinning of bones like osteoporosis
Asthi Vrana : Osteomyelitis

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