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Average Cost of Braces for Children

Posted Apr 27 2010 1:21am

Many parents fear the cost of braces for their children.  It is just part of life, taking your child to the dentist and being told they need an orthodontist consultation.  Many already knew this was coming and have managed to save some money to help pay for it.  If you are expecting this news, it helps to know the cost and the options available for you and your child for the health of their teeth.

average cost of braces for children

What is Average Cost of Braces for Children?

The average cost of traditional braces for your child ranges from around 1800 dollars to 3200 dollars. There are many options for types of braces available now however.  Brightly colored braces that make a statement and even invisible braces that cannot even be noticed by their peers.  Of course, as the choices go up, so does the cost for you.  Invisible braces can cost on average about 6000 dollars depending on how much correction is required.

Dental Insurance to Help Cover the Average Cost of Braces for Children

If you know your child will need braces check your dental plan to see exactly what coverage they offer.  If they are not going to cover the majority of the cost, shop around.  Check other available plans finding out what portion of the braces are covered.  If you child has a severe condition which affects their ability to eat or speak properly some insurances will cover the entire bill, even any surgery that is necessary.  Speak to local orthodontist offices and ask them which insurance companies they accept and which ones they receive the best coverage from.

Other Options for Paying the Average Cost of Braces for Children

Some dental offices offer a payment plan option.  This varies from office to office so check with your dentist before a referral is made.  Find out if any of the orthodontists in your area offer payment plans and financing; if they do perhaps your referral can be made to them to help you with the average cost of braces for children.  There are also credit companies that specialize in medical and dental treatments.  Some of these offer no interest for 12 months, be aware that if the balance is not paid within that 12 months you will be paying interest on the entire amount charged.  Read the fine print before agreeing.  These credit cards are not always accepted at all offices, so before you depend on this payment methods make sure your dentist or orthodontist participates in these plans.

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