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Attitude is Nutrition too!

Posted Sep 27 2010 10:34am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

The Autumn season is official as we passed the Autumn Equinox...and that colder and rainy weather is here. Winter is coming our way.

How do you feel about the colder months ahead? Some parts of the US is still feeling the hot sun, but shortly even those parts will feel cooler too.

The vast majority in society feeds us their attitude about winter...and it's usually negative. "Oh, that cold weather is nasty!" "My legs hurt from that cold!" "I hate the cold!"

Why are these the affirmations we say to welcome the winter?

By changing our attitude of winter, we help to improve our immune system and our appetites.

You do not have to change all at can do it in small steps.

What small steps can you do?
Acclimate yourself to winter...and buy a candle that smells like the season, use the oven more and warm up the kitchen, buy a new jacket if you can. These are the things that will help you get into the mood for the cooler months.

Sometimes decorating your porch or front door to the season you are in...or even the interior of your home can boosts your spirits too.

Just by doing these small steps will help your attitude.
You can say, "This winter will be a cozy warm winter in my home because I will make it so!" This will create a healthy season for you as well.

By continuing your negative affirmations, will only create sickness and an unhappy season.

Smile and embrace where you are and your body will be happier and healthier for it!

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