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Arthritis of the Neck - Pain Relief with The Trillow

Posted Feb 05 2011 12:00am
If you suffer from arthritis of the neck , then you may have been told that you will benefit from using a memory foam pillow. However, I have always found that it is difficult finding the right size pillow to support my neck properly and when I eventually found one the right size, it didn't feel comfortable or offer the support that I needed.

Luckily a friend introduced me to the Trillow, which is the first 3 in 1 pillow that allows you to chose it's shape and size. It is unique and totally versatile due to its outer shell that can be removed and their are two pillows inside the first. What's more it comes with a full 5 year guarantee.

Just take a look at the images below:

Picture 1 - Use as a  5.5 inch thick pillow

The Trillow™ arrives in a zippered velour cover which for most people is the ideal way to use this pillow. The thick side is 5.5" and the narrow  side is 4.5" thick. The contour shape allows the head to rest well whether you sleep on side or back.  Despite the Trillow being a dual layer, wrapped design, if you didn't separatethe layers, you could use it each day during its 5-year warranty period without knowing that it even could be disassembled.  This is due to its cosy fit that acts just like it is one total pillow by always gripping both layers together.

Picture 2 - Get two pillows and three choices for your money!

Because the Trillow™ is made to be a 3 in 1 one pillow with another two pillows inside the first pillow, you can use it as a smaller pillow by unzipping the outer cover and taking the outer shell off of the pillow. When you remove the shell from the Trillow, you will get a lower profile, which means that if you are uncomfortable with a 6" thick contour pillow, you can choose from either the 3" or the 4" side. This is often preferred while lying on your back or stomach.

Picture 3 -Make the outer shell an extra bolster pillow

You can also roll the outer shell to use as a neck roll (extra bolster pillow case sold separately), which will give you two pillows, a bolster and a 4 inch thick contoured memory foam pillow.  You can lay the neck roll into the contoured part of the pillow to create a taller pillow, where your shoulders rest on the lower section of the pillow, neck on the rolled part, and head on the higher part of the pillow. You can also use the neck roll to add more comfort whilst sitting in a recliner or chair.

Click on the images above or the link below to read more:
Arthritis Pain Relief
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