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Arthritis Drugs - Prednisone Side Effects

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
Did you know that the use of prednisone, one of the arthritis drugs can cause increased appetite and weight gain, especially if you have been taking high doses over an extended period. This generally shows on the face, behind the neck and also on the abdomen. But there are other associated problems and side effects.

This potent anti-inflammatory, a corticosteroid is taken by some arthritis sufferers to suppress immune system activity and reduce inflammation. It works by mimicking cortisol action in the body, but remains inactive until the liver's enzymes convert it to prednisolone, so is not likely to be as effective if you have a liver condition.

Prolonged use can cause your adrenal glands to stop producing cortisol all together and for this reason users will be slowly weaned off this drug to allow the adrenal glands to recover.

Other possible side effects corticosteroid arthritis drugs like prednisone include:

Elevated blood sugar
Elevated blood fats
Potassium loss
Sodium (salt) retention
Fluid retention
Growth of facial hair
High blood pressure
Aseptic necrosis
Irregular periods
Muscle weakness
Puffiness or moon face
Increased appetite
Bruising easily
Thinning of skin
Poor wound healing
Rounding of upper back
Stomach ulcers
Growth retardation in juveniles

Prednisone can also interact with other arthritis drugs or supplements.
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