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Are you trying to switch your medicine cabinet to HOMEOPATHIC?

Posted by The Healthy Hippie

I have made the decision that from now on I will only be buying Homeopathic products for the common aches and pains...After taking a wiff of my headache medicine, comparing it to cleaning chemicals, I decided that I am doing the switch 100%

 I have already started working on building my first aid kid with homeopathic remedies, as well as ointments and even band aids!

 I feel so strongly about going natural that I have added the ultimate kit to my online store, no joke I WANT THIS KIT FOR CHRISTMAS! haha

What are other ways people are going 100% natural and Homeopathic? Would love some feed back :)


Check out the product if you'd like:

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Absoutely, HH!  I'm a big fan of herbal remedies and homeopathics --- love arnica on bruises, aloe on burns (straight off the plant), etc.

Seasonal, locally grown organic (SLO) foods are our best source for immune and body function building/restoring -- and prevention of those pesky aches and pains. 

PS--- That kit is great to have on hand!  You never know when you're going to need a remedy....
Hi there! so glad to meet a fellow fan of homeopathy. Yes! arnica is great, i bruise a lot actually and it helps. I am also a fan of the Bach Flower's Rescue Remedy Cream. Have you ever heard of it? that one is good for a lot of different things.

i love rescue remedy!  the drops are one of my personal faves. 

 as for bruising....consume foods high in bioflaavonoids (vitaming p) to protect capillaries, such as lemons and broccoli.  rose hips are also a good source. vitamin c wil strengthen cells walls and helps bioflavinoids assimilate.


oh wow! I didnt know that! thanks for sharing, love to learn a new health tip :)
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