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Are There More Techo-Savy Girls Than Boys?

Posted Jan 26 2009 3:56pm
My 9 year old daughter plays Xbox and Wii. She gets online to play Webkins and knows how to program the TIVO as well as search for her favorite toys on the web. I have even helped her construct her first robot with Lego Mindstorms. But hey, I used to work in engineering and did a bit of programming in the old days. I thought it would be good to introduce our daughter to technology since that seems to be the future of just about everything. So I thought it was just the techno nerd daddy that had a kind of unique influence on my little girl.

Well come to find out I'm not alone. In fact a recent study from the University of Hertfordshire found that young girls are outpacing boys when it comes to technology. And lo and behold it's not the dads but the moms who are getting involved!

The data was collected by an online survey given to 4,606 children between the ages of 6 and 14. A more in depth follow up was also conducted that included 2,535 children.

The study showed that a whopping 94% of girls had used a computer or laptop compared to 88% of boys. I found this very interesting but I found the next piece even more interesting. They also found that 50% of the children chose their moms to help them with these technologies versus just 22% who asked their dads. They also found that the moms were the most experienced and capable computer users.

The researchers indicated that the moms took a more active role in using the internet for homework and studies as compared to the dads who helped their kids have fun with hobbies.

In my day (which was a long time ago) girls seemed to shy away from technology in favor of the traditional "girls toys." In gradeschool they seemed to be better in writing, reading and art while us guys were a bit better at math and science. I did not want to continue this stereotype with our daughter so I decided early on to get her involved in technology and encourage her in math and science.

I guess then all in all there are good and not so good points about this study. It's good to see girls embracing technology and I am all for this. However, I think dads need to be as involved as moms.

Peace and Healing,

Dr. Bruce

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University of Hertfordshire (2009, January 21). Girls Have The Edge In New Technologies, New Report Reveals.
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