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Are there any holistic centers that will treat a person with Piks disease?

Posted by Divine Design

I have a friend who's mother was diagnosed with Piks disease 2 years ago.  Prior to that diagnosis, the doctors had told him it was Alzheimers disease.  He was told there was really nothing they could do and that she would eventually die.  He has been trying many different ways to help heal her.  He's taken her to get reiki and accupunture...feeds her only raw, organic foods, does special massages on her, etc.  We were wondering if there were any Holistic Centers that would be able to help us with this particular disease. 
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Is the acupuncture helping?  Is she also getting chinese herbs?  I would think that this would help your friend's situation.  Sometimes the best way is the combination of acupuncture and herbs.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are considered to be mutually reinforcing, and in many conditions, the only way to get a lasting result.  Good luck to your friend!
One more acupuncturist who is familiar with using scalp acupuncture points might be able to better address her symptoms.
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