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Are Mainstream and Alternative Medicine Converging?

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:14pm
Alternative medicine is founded on the philosophies of vitalism and holism. Life and the human body are both driven by an unseen mysterious vital force. Also, the life is more than the sum of its individual parts.

By contrast mainstream medicine is founded on the philosophy of mechanistic materialism. In other words life can be understood as completely as all of the individual pieces are understood.

I do believe that someday a unified theory will be developed that presents an underlying foundation from which both mainstream and alternative medicines can be explained. This is one reason I wrote my book--to explain both in terms of information theory.

Now, it seems that mainstream medicine is beginning to converge with alternative medicine, at least through some newer principles.

Many alternative treatments rely on what is known as downward causation. That is a stimulus from a more complex structure affecting a less complex structure. For example in mind-body healing the more complex mind sends healing messages to the less complex body in order to evoke a change. One could also think of healing intention or prayer to have a similar mechanism. In other words, consciousness either individual or collective can communicate healing messages to the body by virtue of downward causation.

Many mainstream medicine treatments rely on what is known as upward causation. A molecule such as a medication is less complex than the vast collection of molecules that make up the human body. The less complex medication molecule then has an affect on the more complex body--upward causation.

The key is the healing message. What is actually conveyed to the body is a message containing information. Messages can be sent from less complex structures (medicine molecules) or more complex structures (mind/consciousness). The body integrates the information and heals.

So at the essence of all healing is basically the same prinicple. We heal through information.

Information is the connection, it represents a convergence of both systems of healing.

Peace and Healing,

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