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Applications Being Accepted For Plant Healer Magazine & Medicine Of The People/Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference Manage

Posted Sep 05 2012 10:56pm

Applications Being Accepted For
Plant Healer Magazine & Medicine Of The People/Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference
Management & Outreach Position(s)

For years, the two of us here have managed to do everything from writing, teaching, conference organizing, and magazine editing to website development and marketing/outreach all by ourselves, but we cannot continue to provide ever more services to the community without adding some hard-working staff.  By developing one or more compensated positions, we hope it will enable some special person or persons to take responsibility for a number of the tasks vital to Plant Healer Magazine and the TWCH/Medicine Of The People herbal conference, and hopefully to become an integral and long term part of this important mission and concerted effort.

Management and Marketing/Outreach Needs

Continuing to grow and to serve the herbal community requires many ongoing tasks, and likely more than one person/position/role.

The various project needs include: Research, outreach and marketing, talking to potential sponsors, ad sales, phone calls, dealing with complex transportation arrangements for teachers, giving reminders to Plant Healer writers to make sure their columns arrive in time, contacting media about interviews and articles to get more our our message out, replying to magazine tech help questions from subscribers, replying to any misc. emailed queries not requiring our personal attention, managing people and tasks at the conference in Arizona each September, and more.  If someone has writing and proofreading skills, that would be very useful as well.

Of all these needs, only on-site management of the conference would require someone’s physical presence, any of the rest could be done from home.


Strong support for our aims.  Determination to follow through on all commitments.   Internet service and a phone with unlimited long distance service.  Financial experience, good people management and communication skills, and ideally knowledgable about the herbal movement and its personalities.


We will figure out some mutually agreeable compensation, from giving you conference tickets and courses to cash commissions on sales and actual cash wages, in some agreed combination based on your needs, commitments and results.  And we’d hope you’d also feel rewarded by the opportunity to be a part of this work of inspiring, informing and empowering a growing folk herbalism movement.

Details follow.

If interested any one or all of the following roles, please fill out the application questions at bottom.

Itemized Needs and Roles (consider any one of the following, some combination, or even all):

1. Outreach – Online, and importantly, By Phone
Schedule -all year long, with extra emphasis January through end of August
Tasks -Researching and contacting herb related businesses about -conference sponsorships
-their placing ads in Plant Healer
-inviting them to attend, and to submit teaching proposals or submit magazine articles as appropriate
-Researching and contacting media, Arizona newspapers and magazines about -the possibility of them getting promotion from us for being Sponsors, in exchange for them running announcements for the conference and mag
-interviewing us, writing feature articles on the conference and/or folk herbal traditions and resurgence
-possibly welcoming us to send original article submissions, or assigning us articles to write
-Researching and contacting national magazines about -featuring articles on traditional folk healing, the current folk herbalism resurgence etc.
-assigning or welcoming submission of original writing from Kiva and I on all the topics we cover
-Social Media
-assisting us with spreading the blogs, announcements on facebook, posting about our activities on ever more group lists, etc.
-increasingly develop your own social media identity, writing as a part of this PH/Conference/movement, initiating new connections
Compensation -We have had volunteers say they’ve spent a hundred hours outreaching with no ad sales or new sponsors, while I’ve gotten some in a single day of intense effort… indicating we might be best giving a cash commission on ads and sponsorships.  We need to agree on a percentage if so.
-Making connections, announcing the magazine, making folks feel invited and included is all important even when there is no obvious financial benefit… so we would like to offer additional reward for time given, whether event tickets you could sell for funds, magazine subscriptions for yourself or for you to gift or sell, Home Study courses, or money if needed.
-Likewise, there can be no commission on Media outreach, so we would need to figure out good recompense for that effort as well.
Resources -Stored on our GoogleDocs group page and ready for your perusal or download are -Outlines with important hints about outreach
-Template form letters for nearly every kind of outreach and recipient
-Media worksheet (spreadsheet) for carefully entering places contacted, contact info and results
-Primary Worksheet (spreadsheet) for Sponsor and Plant Healer Advertising entries.   entering places contacted, contact info and results

Please note we are not a nonprofit, we can’t subject our projects to a corporate board.  We have been nearly NO profit until the last couple years with the magazine taking off.  Sponsors contributions are Gifts as far as the IRS is concerned, not donations.

2. Customer Service – Online Only
Schedule -all year long
Tasks -Fielding and filtering incoming emails, answering all you can, keeping a detailed log.  This is often just sending an application they failed to look for, sending them to the correct website page, etc.
-Tech Help to Plant Healer subscribers, generally repeating instructions they don’t understand, explaining why we don’t sell Annuals to nonsubscribers, etc…….. most of which can be dealt with using template form letters that you alter as needed.  It’s been a stretch remaining sweet everytime when we are trying desperately to work and someone keeps emailing about something already explained on the sites.  :)
Compensation -Money or money/trade combination (possibilities described above) at an agreed per hour rate, based on actual time spent reading and replying.
Resources -we’d set you up with your own email, hopefully under our upcoming new domain name: Herbal Resurgence
-we could help you create template form letters for most situations
-we could CC you our replies to people for awhile so you so you could learn from them
-we’d be available to ask questions of and get advice from for as long as needed, which would hopefully be less as time went on

3. Medicine Of The People Conference: Off-Site
Booking teacher flights (Resolute can describe in detail)
Schedule -once a year, around June or July
Tasks -communicate with the teachers about arrangements, even when they are hard to reach or get clear answers from
-research and book the cheapest flights that get them to us on Thursday near the same times for pickup, and back off on Sunday
Booking rooms for us, helpers, and featured teachers
Schedule -once a year, sometime in the Spring
Resources -You would have to become truly familiar with the personalities in herbalism just to book their rooms for us at the event.  Matt Wood snores and needs his own not too pricey room.  Some teachers want to bunk together, others dislike each other.
Compensation -Money or money/trade combination (possibilities described above) at an agreed per hour rate, based on actual time spent on research, emails and calls

4. Medicine Of The People Conference: On-Site Management
An instrumental and rewarding position that has someone busy most of every day of the event, without much time off for class attendance.
Schedule -Once a year, 5 days total in September
Tasks -Managing set up on Wed. and Thurs., directing tables placement etc.
-Staffing the Registration and Information tables Wed. night through Sunday
-Managing Registration
-Taking responsibility for the money
-Selling day passes
-Making sure the merchandise table is being effectively staffed
-Directing volunteers assigned to work at the tables selling merchandise etc.
Compensation -Money or money/trade combination (possibilities described above)

It would eventually be great if at least one special person felt excited and content to be an integral, long term or permanent agent/adjunct/organ/aide of and partner in the PH/Conference/Anima mission and projects, making this an important part of their core identity.  And until then, we’ll welcome and be ever so grateful for any amount of help, on any one or all of the above, for however long it might be offered.

We want to pay as well as possible, to be giving in return, and to be rewarding the work equal to the effort put out, the degree of dedication and devotion.

Thank you!

Please fill out and return:





Year of birth:

Unlimited Phone Service & Internet?

Which of the following Roles are you interested in being responsible for? 1. Outreach___
Comments 2. Customer Service___
Comments 3. Conference – Offsite___
Comments 4. Conference – On Site___

How do you know about our organization and projects, and what draws you to help?

Can you describe our aims, and how you feel about them?

How involved are you in the herbal community, and who familiar are you with “who’s who”?

How much time can you be sure to give?

Do you enjoy talking to new people on the phone, and describing projects you believe in?

Any financial management experience?

Any marketing experience?

Other relevant past experience, knowledge or credits?

Please describe your current skills and any qualifications for this role:

What are the chances you’d want to stay a part of this long term?

Based on what you ready above, what kinds and level of compensation do you want or need?

Any questions or comments?

Gratefully, Jesse Wolf & Kiva Rose

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