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Apitherapy Foods

Posted Mar 17 2010 10:51pm

Each spring and summer, you may spend time getting rid of bee hives around your home to avoid getting stung, or one of your children getting stung by bees. Have you ever considered just how beneficial bees can be? Naturally, the are important in the pollination process for plants, and they produce honey, but they have other uses as well.

apitherapy foods

We all have great need of bee products, which are referred to as Apitherapy Foods. Apitherapy is the art of using bee products for medical uses. This art also includes Bee Sting Therapy, but it largely pertains to consumable bee products for medical use.

What are Apitherapy Foods?

These foods are produced from bees and bee hives. Naturally, honey is an Apitherapy food because it is a bee product. Propolis and Pollen are also produced by bees, as well as Royal Jelly.

It is important to note that many foods contain these products, but are not actually apitherapy foods simply because the other ingredients essentially counteract the benefits of the bee products. Make sure that you consume these foods in the purest form possible for your situation for the most benefit.

What You Gain from Apitherapy Foods

Each bee product has different benefits. For example, pollen is important because it is so full of nutrients. These nutrients include copper, sodium, potassium, zinc, important amino acids, proteins, and vitamins. Royal Jelly is known for its anti-bacterial properties.

Although this product is not as potent as penicillin, it does contain a natural antibiotic. It is also chock full of beneficial enzymes, hormones, and vitamins, as well as amino acids. Propolis is a natural anti-bacterial agent. It has been proven to greatly improve the immune system and the body’s ability to resist and fight infection.

Why Apitherapy Foods are so Important

These bee product foods are important to us as humans simply because we don’t get enough of the right foods in our diets. These foods are simple and pure, and provide us with most of the vitamins and nutrients that we need for good health, although they don’t contain everything that we need. Of all of the foods that Mother Nature provided for us, however, these bee product foods are the closest to completely serving our nutrition needs.

If obtaining and consuming these Apitherapy foods is not possible for you, or difficult, you might consider bee product supplements instead. These supplements will often be just as good for you as the foods would be.

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