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Anonymous STD Testing

Posted Mar 04 2010 11:36pm

It is common to want to remain anonymous when getting a STD test. Due to the negative stigmas in place in society regarding STD’s, testing for sexually transmitted disease can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience, but it needs to be done.  This is especially important if you think there is any possibility that you may have been exposed.

anonymous std testing

How to Obtain Anonymous STD Testing

There are ways to remain completely anonymous when being tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Some labs offer online registration where you can use an anonymous name, print the doctors’ order for the lab and take it to a lab near you and have your specimen collected there.

There are at home test kits from reputable companies in which you would collect the specimen at home and mail it to a diagnostic lab to be tested.  Your name is not attached to this specimen and you receive the results over the telephone using a code word, or code number.

Only use a lab that uses coding to identify you and your specimen for ordering, processing, reporting, communicating and for any reference to your identity. This insures that you are the only person who will know your results and you can decide who you want this information shared with.

Important Questions to Ask about Anonymous STD Testing

Before going to have a STD test call ahead and ask about the process. Find out how the results remain anonymous. Ask if your name is placed on the specimen or the requisition and report.

It is also important to ask who this information is given to in the event of positive results.  Many states have laws that mandate reporting of positive results for many sexually transmitted diseases to state and federal health agencies.

Anonymous STD Testing From State and Federal Agencies

Many state and federal agencies offer anonymous STD testing services.  Using these services will limit access to your personal information.  Most states have laws in place that mandate reporting of any positive result to these agencies and by going to them for the initial testing you can reduce the amount of people privy to your results and decrease your risk of losing anonymity.

These agencies also are able to make referrals for appropriate and necessary services such as treatment facilities, counseling and educational services.  The toll free number for the CDC is 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).

If you have any concern that you may have been exposed to a STD, it is very important that you are tested and treated before any further sexual activity.

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