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An Economc Perspective of Health Care Reform

Posted Dec 19 2009 5:07am

Not too long ago, I was very excited about health care reform because our President declared that it would encourage the use of interventions that WORK.  That’s good for me since Hypnotherapy works, has only positive side effects, helps many people who were given little help or encouragement by Western Medicine and is affordable.  I now realize that this battle is about dollars and cents.

So, I haven’t been writing about this topic.

Two days ago, David Leonhardt wrote an article in the NY Times that’s worth reading.  It takes a look at the impact of health insurance on innovation and economic growth in the US.

He suggests that 1.5 million people are making career decisions based on health insurance benefits.  This means they may not be choosing a company where their expertise and skills can make the most difference.

This scenario coincides with a decade during which time the US has had “the slowest economic growth since before  WWII. The No 1 reason, I’d argue, was our innovation deficit.”

Take a minute to check out this well thought out article ending with comments by some well known economists about both the House and Senate versions of the health care reform bills.

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