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Alternative medicine or therapies can be good, can be bad

Posted Apr 25 2009 12:17am
If you are so afraid of mainstream medicine and your experiences with physicians has been so uncomfortable, you may ignore that area of expertise. I have been to doctors who totally misdiagnosed my condition. It is to say the least upsetting.

But you have to remember that the members of the alternative medicine group can be just as inefficient. If it seems that the alternative practitioner is only trying to sell his or her miracle cure -- run.

Use your common sense. That is what led you to alternative therapies in the first place. There is room in the medical community for both standard and alternative healing.

In a research study in New Zealand, a gentleman approached numerous health food stores.

He told staff members he had just joined a fitness club and had been informed he had high blood pressure. If asked, he told the employee his blood pressure was 160/120.

He then asked staff for recommendations to lower his blood pressure.

Only one store assistant advised the man on diet and lifestyle and recommended his blood pressure be checked by a general practitioner.

One of the most common recommendations was garlic. One thing garlic does is thin the blood which is why you must talk with any doctor who is giving you a prescription about taking garlic. If your blood pressure is 160/120 your doctor would either give you a pressure lowering prescription like metoprolol or maybe just a blood thinner.

The most effective method of dealing with high blood pressure is diet and exercise - which is long term. But you need some help in the interim to reduce the risk of stroke.

You need your own pressure reading machine and there are many small units available on line or at your local stores. You need to monitor your blood pressure everyday morning and night for a couple of weeks at least. That will tell you if what you are doing is helping or NOT. Even if you get a prescription, it may not be the right dosage for you. My daughter's first blood pressure prescription was too strong and she was on the verge of collapse within 2 days of starting it.

The advantage of having a medical professional evaluate you and your blood pressure is the years of training that lead to decisions on what should be taken and what should be done.

The clerk at a health food store is not a medical professional. Have you noticed that the clerks in health food stores are generally young and thin? The information they give you is from owners and suppliers.

Along this line, I read that the Catholic church has banned Reiki as superstitious nonsense. I know a couple of people who get paid for their Reiki therapies. They do make the pain go away. Is this good or bad? If the patient had a physician examine the painful area, that physician might diagnose an appendix problem. If the Reiki practitioner or any other method of pain relief was used, the pain might go away temporarily but the appendix might also burst -- causing death.

All medical therapies can be helpful and they can certainly work together. Don't let your fear of one or the other come between you and optimum health.

I question the mass writing of scripts. They treat a symptom. They all have side effects. They do not cure. It is up to you to cure the condition by reshaping the body with diet and exercise, with healthy sleep, and with stress control.

Just a note on those facial exercises. I have been doing them and am taking a day off today. My chin is sore just like my arms would be after push ups. Day of healing.

until next time - smile
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