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Aloha Chant Aloha, in the way it...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:23pm
Aloha Chant

Aloha, in the way it is said, can express a special meaning depending on the intent and implication conveyed by the person who is saying it and how it is said to the one who it is said to. Clear as mud, right? Aloha means hello, goodbye, I love you, until we meet again. It can be a farewell song to a loved one or to end the day. Aloha conveys respect, compassion and care.

So, to do this chant, you will need to say two phrases. Say them 3 times while looking in a mirror. Don't worry if you can't pronounce them in Hawaiian, so long as you know the meaning:

1) I am the greatness of spirit. 'Uhane nui au.

2) I accept my light and my path, aligning my mind, heart, and connect with spirit. 'Apono au ku'u hoa aloha a o ka mana'o, pu'uwai, a me ka na'au.

Huna Chakra Meditation

You can use the Aloha chant with meditating on the 7 basic principles of Huna to align your chakras.

Find a quiet spot and, starting with the Aloha chant 3 times,focus on the 7 principles, balancing and aligning them with your chakras. You could liken this process to a Q&A session you have with yourself - focus on a question then create the answer.

1) Root: What would I like my world to be? ('Ike)

2) Crown: Are there limitations I have placed on myself? Decide and know for yourself with certainty there are no limits; the Universe is infinite. (Kala)

3) Third Eye: Where do I want my energy to go? Energy flows where attention goes, including - TO THE THINGS YOU RESIST. (Makia)

4) Solar: How do I make this my moment of power? NOW is where life happens. (Manawa)

5) Heart: How do I embrace myself and my surroundings? Share and experience the here and now. (Aloha)

6) Sacral: What would be the best way to balance and unite my mind, body, and spirit? All power comes from within your own mind, body, and spirit. (Mana)

7) Throat: How can I, through peaceful means, speak my truth with wisdom? Effectiveness is the measure of truth. (Pono)

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