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  All your self images Hi Lydia ...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:22pm

All your self images

Hi Lydia

The most powerful force in your world, and everyone else's world for that matter, is words.

But for as powerful as words are, there many ills that words CANNOT heal or cure or help at all...

For instance, words cannot straighten broken and crooked bones.
They cannot bring back the dead, they cannot make buildings that
have burnt to the ground whole again. They cannot make a blue dress yellow simply by saying that it is yellow.

But there is nothing more powerful than words for their ability to create in us all varieties of emotion.  

And never make the mistake of thinking that it is not raw emotion that drives all human action.

Because in moments of decision, we always do what we believe
will give us the most physical and/or emotional pleasure or that
will help us avoid physical and/or emotional pain.

Words can make us believe things that are completely false...

...IF they are the right words said by the right person at the
right time in the right way.  Words can make someone fall in
love with you, or they can make the same person want to kill you.

The right words at the right time said to the right person can
create a fortune for the speaker.  Words close deals.  Words
create trust.  

When one school girl teases another, calling her a name, sending her home in tears, it is "only" words.

They're powerful alright... The power of words has created a
society where we must be "politically correct" when referring to
anyone.  I like to think of it as the age of respect for others.  

So as ridiculous as this age of political correctness may seem
at times, overall I believe it to be a good thing.  It is helping to create trust, good will, tolerance, respect and love.

All good things, to be sure.

After all, wars are fought not only on battle fields, but in our homes, in our churches and on our streets... and hundreds of people unnecessarily die every day inside and out because of intolerance and lack of respect for each other's differences, for lack of  understanding, for lack of common courtesy.

And it's the riled up emotions that our hateful or prejudicial or intolerant words create that keeps it all going.  

An eye for an eye.

So that's bad enough...

But what's just as bad and what most people understand less is
the power of the words we say ABOUT ourselves TO ourselves.  

Truly some of the most cutting edge methods in personal
development are in elevating our moment-by-moment self-talk.

I don't mean positive thinking.

I'm talking about 360 degree right thinking, not just I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

That's confidence, not self image.

You see, once we reach adulthood, we have literally tens of
thousands of different self-images.  

Some examples:

I'm a great skier
I'm a smoker
I'm a rotten cook
I'm a horrible driver
I'm smart about this
I'm stupid about that
I am a person who can't take rejection
I'm skinny
I'm fat
I'm too tall
I'm a lawyer
I'm a shipping clerk
I'm pretty
I'm a country boy
I'm a city girl
I'm a so-so tennis player
I'm poor
I'm very religious
I'm a good friend to others
I'm not very brave
I'm a terrible husband
I'm addicted to gambling
I'm adventurous

Give me some time and I could fill a book with "I am..." statements.

Because there are that many self-images a person could have.

Self-image is just one of the core mental patterns that humans
adopt as their own.  It's one of the most important ones because
our self-images guide us like a steering wheel guides a car.   Self images create our standards... our musts, our cannots, our
loves, our dreams.

You see, a steering wheel can guide a car off the road.  So it's not the road that determines where we go in life.  Our parents don't determine our choices and actions.  Our bosses don't.  Our government doesn't control us.

Our self-images do...

We say and do things according to all the definitions we have of ourselves.

The "I am a horrible skier" self-image will prevent a person from strapping himself into a set of skis.

But the "I am adventurous" self-image will get THAT person shooshing down the mountain in a heartbeat when given the
opportunity to do it for the first time.

What I have seen in my work with people all over the world is
that if you use the right words in a very specific way, you can
literally adopt the self-image that you want.

Because, again, make no mistake...

The right self-image can make impossible feats feel fun and...

But the wrong self-image ["that's not me"] can make even the
easiest, most simplistic tasks seem absolutely, totally, positively impossible.

...And no fun.

That is why each one of our Think Right Now programs are
stuffed with audible first-person, present-tense belief, attitude and action statements that command you to believe that you "ARE" the kind of person you need to be in order to do what you want to do relative to the topic of the program.

For example, in our End Procrastination Now! thought and
behavior modification program,
two of the two hundred statements in it are:

- "I am always up for a new challenge"
- "I am confident that I can do anything I set my mind to"

And our I Am Organized Now! program
has ones like:

- "I am keenly aware of all the benefits of being organized"
- "I am a master at creating order out of chaos"
- "I have opportunities in life because I am prepared for them"

Simple "I Am" statements of self-belief that, if repeated and/or heard often enough and long enough, change behaviors.

One of the most important mental patterns you possess.

These aren't the kind of things parents or teachers are trained to burn into the minds of their kids.

So they aren't.

And so the average adult can't deal effectively with the stresses and demands of every day life without drugs, alcohol, overeating, addictive behaviors, escapism...

So, very few people truly excel at... anything.

And so oddly in our advanced society where, technically
speaking, we've "got it made," very few people are happy and

And truthfully, if you are currently living a life fairly filled with chaos, disorder, disease, pain, anxiety, depression, fights, worry, procrastination, mistakes, failures, and more, your "I ams" are not what they could and should be.

And... they are constant, because that is what our minds do...

...they affirm what we believe constantly. Every minute of
every day.

We "I am" to ourselves and to others all day long.

The good news is, you can change your self-images that don't
work for you.  You can change hundreds of them so that they
support your hopes and dreams and aspirations.

I can help with that...

Changing the self-images of people is what we do at Think Right
Now International.

I love you all!

Mike Brescia

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