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Advice to Get Rid of Chronic Sinusitis from Master Herbalist David Christopher

Posted Mar 13 2010 8:13am
Master Herbalist David Christopher is the son of the famous Master Herbalist John R. Christopher. Dr. John R. Christopher began formulating his world renowned herbal formulas in 1945. He developed a training program for herbalists and The School of Natural Healing in 1953.

This advice was given on the "A Healthier You" radio show by Master Herbalist David Christopher and his co host and wife, Fawn, who is also a Master Herbalist.

Important note: David Christopher recommends taking 2 capsules 3 times a day, rather than the extract of the formulas. Since the capsules are a lower strength than the extract, you can take them as long as you need or desire to strengthen and tonify. No need to worry about stopping for periods of time, which is necessary with extracts. Dr. Christopher's formulas need to be taken 20 to 30 minutes away from each other so they work effectively. If you take more than one formula at a time, you are changing the formula ratios. To save money, you can buy a pound of powder, a capsule machine, and empty capsules. Dr. Christopher's formulas are in size "0" vegetable capsules. You can choose a size"0" capsule machine and size "0" vegetable capsules when you order from Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop. One pound of powdered herbs will fill about 800 to 1200 capsules.
  • Take Dr. John R. Christopher's "Three Day Cleansing Program" . If you become very hungry toward the evening, you may have one or two apples with the apple juice. Click the following link for a pdf with more info on the 3 Day Juice Cleanse . A food based cleanse is the best type of cleanse.
  • After your cleanse, follow Dr. John R. Christopher's "Mucusless Diet" . Tasty and healthy vegan or vegetarian Recipes on Dr. Christopher's Herbal Legacy website .
  • Don't jog or walk on main streets (vehicle exhaust).
  • Don't take drugs for sinus problems or have surgery.
  • Dr. John Christopher's Glandular System Formula will reduce the swelling of the congested and infected lymph glands in the neck, breast, groin, under arm pits, etc. When the body can't eliminate waste fast enough, the lymphatic system stores it until the body can eliminate it. The mullein in this formula is known as a "drainer". Rebounding also helps to drain the lymph system. Save $35 on one of best rebounders by ordering David Hall's Cellerciser from Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing . If you click the link, you can watch four interesting videos about rebounding at the bottom of the school's webpage.
  • Dr. John Chrisropher's Immucalm Formula calms and strengthens the immune system. Allergies to certain foods, plants, or animals, and auto-immune disease are signs of an overactive immune system.
  • Dr. John Christopher's Sinus Plus Formula helps to open up sinus passageways, stop infection, and cleanse the sinus area.
  • Dr. John Christopher's Nose Ointment also helps to open up sinus passageways. A small amount is applied around and inside the nose opening. Refrigerate after opening.
  • Dr. John Christopher's SenSei Menthol Rub is a nasal decongestant that helps to relieve sinus pressure. A small amount is applied behind both ears, across the underside of the jaw, and on the chest. A small amount can also be put in the medicine cup of a warm mist humidifier. It is a blend of herbs and natural oils. Smells better than Vicks Vaporub, which is made from petroleum. Refrigerate after opening.
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