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Acupuncture Tips - Chinese acupuncture

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm 1 Comment
Good for trauma. Chinese acupuncture is often used for muskuloskeletal trauma and to help recovery from pain.
Larger needles. Traditional Chinese acupuncture uses larger needles with deeper penetration. Patients feel a deep radiating sensation
Treatment focuses on complaints. Often uses a 3-point approach,focusing treatment on channels that are local, distal and remote to the complaint
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What mentioned above is neither the skills nor the tips for acupuncture. It only shows the superficial understanding of acupuncture!  

Acupuncture treatment for injuries is just only one type of disease treatment, or it's just only a small portion of disease treatment.

At 1980, World Health Organization (WHO) had announced that  43 kinds of diseases that can effectively treated with acupuncture. While Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture can treat almost all diseases. The 'as-a-whole" concept is one of the two major characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi, the vital energy is the material basis of both physiological functions and pathological functions of human body. While regulating the balance of Qi's functional activities and balancing Yin Yang, are the main goals of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating diseases. It is childish and ridiculous to say that balancing Qi is the purpose of Japanaese Acupuncture. Should we ask Japanese, where does acupuncture originated from? Or they think that it is also one of their cultural heritages, just like the Koreans saying that Confucius is their ancestors.

As we all know, it is more painful when coarse needle prick into body than the fine needle does. But, for different diseases, different portions, and choice of different needles, is also one of the elements of acupuncture. It is as stated in <<HuangDi NeiJing>>ã??é»?å¸?å??ç»?ã??, there are "Nine Needles". There even named "Nine Needles" as acupuncture. I explained it very clearly in one of my post about  acupuncture.

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